WWE Rumors: Multiple WWE Superstars Have Refused To Work With Hulk Hogan


WWE has slowly reintroduced Hulk Hogan into the mix following a three-year hiatus. In 2015, the company terminated his contract after recordings of racist remarks surfaced on the web. Further, the WWE removed all references related to Hogan from their website and most of their programming. After giving a round of interviews in which he apologized for the controversial rant, Hogan was reinstated into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2018.

Some fans were willing to accept Hogan’s apology and move forward, but there are still many who remain uncomfortable with his presence on WWE television. It seems like such is the case among fellow WWE superstars, as several wrestlers have supported Hogan’s return. But not everybody appears to be on board with the WWE’s decision to grant Hogan another chance.

According to a report by Sportskeeda, numerous WWE superstars are currently unhappy with Hogan’s recent appearances. The report also claims that “more than one” wrestler rejected the opportunity to work with Hogan, a decision which reportedly generated a positive response behind the scenes.

It’s unknown whether that will affect how WWE uses Hogan in the future, although it certainly didn’t stop them from using him on Monday Night Raw. Hogan resurfaced on television during a segment with The Miz and Ric Flair. This appearance led to the announcement of a match between Team Hogan and Team Flair, a contest which will take place at Crown Jewel.

WWE has been very selective with their booking of Hogan, as he has mainly been involved in their Saudi Arabia events. While he has received a favorable reaction from most fans in attendance, there is still plenty of backlash on the web surrounding Hogan’s past comments. Now that he is scheduled to captain his very own team at Crown Jewel on October 31, it wouldn’t be surprising to see more superstars rejecting a spot under Hogan’s wing.

Thanks to his position on the pay-per-view, Hogan is likely to make many more cameos in the upcoming weeks. He has already been announced as a guest for the premiere of Friday Night SmackDown on FOX, slated to appear alongside former stars such as The Rock, as was previously reported by The Inquisitr.

The inclusion of familiar faces like Hogan makes sense from a business standpoint. Given Hogan’s popularity and name recognition, it’s no surprise that he has been brought back in a prominent role. With the ongoing changes in the wrestling industry, WWE has been pulling out all the stops to maintain its dominance in the long run.