Kim Kardashian Looks Like A Sexy Bookworm In Tiny Shorts While Heading To Law Classes

Kim Kardashian poses at BeautyCon.
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Kim Kardashian stunned her fans this week when she was photographed by the paparazzi while heading to her legal classes. The reality star carried a stack of books in her arms and wore a casual, form-fitting outfit, making her look like a sexy bookworm.

The Daily Mail reports that Kim was snapped in a parking lot as she rocked a pair of tight, light-gray shorts. Kardashian’s skimpy bottoms flaunted her long, lean legs and curvy booty. She also rocked a matching hooded sweatshirt, one that was fitted and showcased Kim’s tiny waist.

Kim didn’t wear any jewelry, but she did accessorize the look with a pair of white sneakers. She also wore her shoulder-length dark hair parted down the center, styled in straight strands that grazed over her shoulders.

Kardashian also wore a full face of makeup, an application which included darkened eyebrows, long lashes, a bronzed glow, pink blush on her cheeks, and nude lips. She had a determined look on her face as she headed to her classes. She is currently working hard, studying so that she can eventually take the bar exam and become a lawyer in the state of California.

It seems Kim will follow in the footsteps of her father, Robert Kardashian, who was O.J. Simpson’s attorney during the former football player’s famous murder trial.

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For the last year, I have immersed myself in learning about the criminal justice system. I visited prisons, met with formerly incarcerated people, and helped with cases of individual injustice – including two death penalty cases. I have met with and am very supportive of Governor Newsom and his decision to help bring an end to the California Death Penalty. Racial bias and unfairness run deep throughout the justice system but especially when it comes to the death penalty. And we should not be okay with the risk that an innocent person could be executed. I hope we can turn toward better solutions that focus more on healing victims of trauma and prioritizing fairness and justice.

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Earlier this year, Kim denied that it was her money and privilege that allowed her to study under other attorneys in order to take the bar exam — and become a lawyer — without an official law degree.

Kardashian took to Instagram to reveal to her more than 149 million followers that she has had to make very serious sacrifices in order to become a lawyer in the years to come.


Kardashian detailed the long road that is her legal education in the caption of a photo that showed her studying with her mentors.

“For the next 4 years, a minimum of 18 hours a week is required, I will take written and multiple choice tests monthly. As my first year is almost coming to an end I am preparing for the baby bar, a mini version of the bar, which is required when studying law this way. I’ve seen some comments from people who are saying it’s my privilege or my money that got me here, but that’s not the case. My weekends are spent away from my kids while I read and study. I work all day, put my kids to bed and spend my nights studying,

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