‘Russian Kim Kardashian’ Anastasiya Kvitko Spills Out Of Her String Bikini, Dropping Jaws

Anastasiya Kvitko takes a selfie
Anastasiya Kvitko / Instagram

When an update is popular, that’s all the more reason to deliver a second round. “Russian Kim Kardashian” Anastasiya Kvitko appears to have done just that, with a tiny black bikini worn at the end of last month making an encore. AK’s minuscule and cleavage-flaunting two-piece was documented by The Inquisitr on September 30, although today has brought AK’s curves in the bikini with string briefs back to Instagram, with a slight variation on the original image.

AK’s snap today showed her photographed at more of a distance than in her prior shot. The model was seen posing on a beach with the same pink-colored outer layer, although her expression today was different: while Kvitko had delivered direct eye contact in her previous post, today afforded a view of the star gazing ahead of her with one arm placed behind her head.

Fans don’t seem to care how AK is posing. As long as that fierce beauty is on show with the famous curves, they’re happy. However, it can be hard for followers to always find words for a response: AK’s fans seemed beyond floored with today’s snap, with the early responses seeing jaws appearing to drop.

“Impossible to describe how gorgeous you are sweetie,” one fan wrote with a heart emoji.

“I don’t have words Anastasiya,” was another comment.

“Wow so beautiful,” a fan gasped.

“Wow” saw yet another fan taken aback.

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@revolve ????

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Plenty more comments came in suggesting that fans were absolutely wowed.

“Unbelievable,” one user wrote.

“Stunning,” another added.

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Swimsuit @fashionnova @fashionnovamen ????

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The update itself also proved popular in no time, racking up over 32,000 likes in the space of 50 minutes. This star may not have the following boasted by Kim Kardashian herself, but AK is racking up her fanbase with speed. The model’s skyrocketing career also gave her a chance to get out of her native Russia — AK now lives in the U.S. That said, Kvitko does seem to travel a lot. The star updates her Instagram from glitzy hotels, and it looks like she’s got the budget for high-quality photoshoots.

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Swimsuit @forever21 ☀️

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AK seems to live the perfect life. The star is snapped aboard yachts or on sunny beaches, with stunning pool settings also filling her feed. AK also updates her Instagram stories from restaurants, with what appears to be some fine dining. Of course, all those workout clothes likely come in handy for AK to burn the calories off.

Fans wishing to see just what AK rocks next should give her Instagram a follow.