October 2, 2019
Marie Osmond Reveals Why She Remarried Her First Husband 26 Years After Their Divorce

Marie Osmond has always been an open book. But as a full-time co-host on The Talk, she has been sharing even more personal stories with her fans of late.

While the 59-year-old Donny & Marie star has shared many stories about her children and grandchildren, fans aren't as in the know about her marriage. Osmond has been married three times, but two times were to the same man.

In a new interview with People magazine, Osmond explained why she married former pro basketball player Steve Craig twice: Once in 1982 and again in 2011.

"Nothing is an accident. I am a spiritual person. So [I believe] God has his timing," Marie said.

In the interview, the singer revealed that she met her future husband when she was a teenager and married him at age 22, three years after her successful run on the ABC variety series, Donny & Marie. The newlyweds were married for less than a year when their son Stephen, now 36, was born.

Amid some serious setbacks in her career, Osmond's marriage to Craig also faltered. They divorced in October 1985, and exactly one year later, she married second husband Brian Blosil. Marie admitted to People that she "jumped" into the new relationship after the sad ending to her first marriage. Still, Osmond had two children with Blosil and adopted five more.

While she vowed never to marry again after her second divorce a decade ago, the Donny & Marie star had a surprising reconnection with Craig through their grown son, and they began dating.

Osmond previously told Good Morning America that she secretly dated her ex-husband for two years before they got remarried. Of why she told no one about it, not even her kids, Osmond said she "didn't want anybody to get hurt if it didn't work out."

Indeed, while Stephen Jr. was initially a "little scared" of his parents' marital reboot after a two-decade break, the exes ultimately tied the knot in Las Vegas just before their son's wedding in 2011.

Osmond told GMA that while she never "planned" to fall back in love with her first husband, their rekindled romance was spawned after he helped her move into her Las Vegas home amid her Flamingo Hotel residency with brother Donny. Ten years later, she refers to Craig as her "eternal sweetheart."

"As far as Steve is concerned, I have never found anyone I respect more, who I love more," Osmond said.

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