Niece Waidhofer Spills Out Of Corset While On Her Knees In Provocative Selfie

Niece Waidhofer poses for a selfie.
Niece Waidhofer / Instagram

Niece Waidhofer likes to get creative with her Instagram shots. Apparently not happy with sharing a photo in which she is simply sitting in a chair, the stunner uses alluring poses to get the attention of her followers. Wednesday was no different, as Niece decided to take a selfie while on the floor.

In the photo, Niece was on a wooden floor situated in front of a mirror. She was on her knees and elbows with her legs slightly spread. She wore a black corset which laced up the back along with a pair of black bikini panties. She also appeared to be wearing a pair of thigh-high boots. With her back slightly arched, she leaned her chin on her free hand as she snapped the photo. The pose gave viewers plenty of cleavage to see, as it looked as though she was spilling out of the garment. The shot also captured the small of her back and her round hips.

Niece wore a face full of makeup that included expertly sculpted brows and thick lashes. She wore a natural shade on her lips. With her hair tossed over one shoulder, she gave the camera a coy look.

In the caption, she referenced a song in which she changed the lyrics to fit the particular position she was in. Some of her 1 million followers played along, but others stuck to commenting about the risque nature of the snap.

“So hot, you make my head hurt,” wrote one follower.

“The gods have sent us another gift,” joked another fan.

Another admirer told the brunette bombshell that she was beautiful and alluring, while another one told her she got hotter by the day.

Other fans commented on how pretty Niece looked in the snap.

“Your face is sooo smoking beautiful,” wrote one follower.

“For all the ‘body shots’ you post, you really have a very pretty face,” one admirer told Niece.


That may be true, but the Instagram sensation prefers to make her body the focal point of her snaps. As The Inquisitr reported in September, Niece thrilled her fans with a snap that gave them a nice look at the front and back of her fit physique.

Niece’s fans also seem to love her creative flair as well as her sense of humor, as evidenced by a Nicolas Cage pillow on her bed.

Those wanting to see what Niece will post next can follow her Instagram account.