Donald Trump Calls Impeachment Push ‘Bulls**t,’ Says Adam Schiff Couldn’t Carry Mike Pompeo’s ‘Blank Strap’

Chip SomodevillaGetty Images

Donald Trump appeared especially irritated on Wednesday morning after watching, he said, part of a press conference held by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and House Intelligence Committee Chair Adam Schiff. In the conference, Schiff slammed Trump’s demand to personally interview the still-unidentified whistleblower who has filed a complaint against him as “a blatant effort to intimidate witnesses,” according to a CNN report.

In an angry Twitter post after he viewed the press conference, Trump fired back, dismissing the Democrats’ impeachment effort against him as, in all capital letters, “BULLS**T” and claimed the “Do Nothing Democrats,” as he called them, were “wasting everyone’s time and energy.”

In fact, through the first six months of 2019, the first year of Trump’s term in which Democrats have held a majority in the House of Representatives, they have passed 569 bills. But almost all have been blocked from even receiving consideration by the Republican-controlled Senate by Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

Later, during an exchange with reporters at the White House as he hosted Finland President Sauli Niinistö, Trump set off on a prolonged rant against Democrats. While speaking, he singled out Schiff, whom he had earlier accused of “treason,” an accusation which as The Inquisitr reported was interpreted by experts as a call by Trump for Schiff to be executed, which is the maximum penalty for treason.

In his White House rant, Trump again said that Schiff should be “looked at for treason” and attacked Schiff for the California Democrat’s criticism of Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. Schiff said in the press conference that Pompeo’s refusal to allow witnesses from the State Department to testify in the impeachment inquiry would, itself, be taken as evidence of an attempt to obstruct the impeachment proceeding.

Schiff, Trump said, was not fit to carry Pompeo’s “blank strap,” according to a CBS News report. Apparently, the word which Trump self-censored was “jock.”

Trump also again demanded that Schiff resign from Congress, calling Schiff “a lowlife” and referring to him by the derisive moniker “Shifty Schiff,” adding that Schiff, in his view, is a “dishonest guy.”

Asked by a Finnish reporter what he can learn from Finland, which the reporter called “the happiest country in the world,” Trump replied, “You got rid of Pelosi and you got rid of Shifty Schiff. Finland is a happy country.”

In the press conference, as quoted by CNN, Schiff accused Trump of attempting to incite violence with his remarks. On Tuesday, Trump described the impeachment inquiry as a “coup,” an accusation which followed an earlier tweet in which Trump appeared to threaten “civil war” if his impeachment was allowed to proceed, as The Inquisitr reported.