Drugs Found In Ice Cream Truck

Drugs were reportedly found in an ice cream truck in El Paso, Texas. The driver and passenger were arrested when police discovered bowls containing a substance believed to be marijuana.

Elijah Sanchez age 19, and Anthony Arellano, age 29, were traveling in a purple ice cream truck when police performed a routine traffic stop. Officials report that the vehicle was stopped for expired plates and a broken windshield.

As reported by CBS News, Sanchez fled the scene with two plastic containers filled with a substance that appeared to be marijuana. A further search revealed drugs inside the ice cream truck.

Authorities stress that it is unclear whether the men were actually using the truck to sell ice cream to children.

Last year officials in Waldorf, Maryland arrested a 20-year-old man under similar circumstances. Alexander Hoskins was arrested by the Charles County deputies as the result of an anonymous tip.

As reported by NBC News, Hoskins was found to be selling marijuana and ice cream out of an ice cream truck. Law enforcement officials report that they recovered several bags of marijuana and a large amount of cash from Hoskins’ underwear.

Hoskins was charged with possession with intent to distribute, as he reportedly had a significant amount of marijuana.

In 2011 two other men were arrested for selling drugs from an ice cream truck. Lafourche Parish, Louisiana Sheriff’s deputies arrested Hunter Pitre, age 19, and Jonathan Trahan age 20.

As reported by WWLTV, the friends were arrested due to a tip that they were selling marijuana and ice cream from their ice cream truck. Pitre was charged with possession and Trahan was charged with possession with the intent to distribute. Authorities reportedly found the men in possession of drugs, but none were found inside the truck.

Although it might seem unusual, the two men in Texas were just the latest in several cases where drugs were found in an ice cream truck.

[Image via Flickr]