Spoilers For ‘General Hospital’: Lulu Overhears Sasha & Obrecht, Learns The Truth About Their Big Secret

Craig SjodinABC

A new sneak peek revealing some enticing General Hospital spoilers has just emerged, and fans won’t want to miss this one. Sasha and Valentin have been scrambling for months now to keep Nina from finding out they lied about the supposed biological connection between the two women. Now, someone unexpected will learn the truth and this could change everything.

The new video preview was shared by the show’s Instagram page on Wednesday. The first part of the clip focuses on Carly and Sonny’s anxiety over ensuring that baby Donna gets through her surgery without incident.

As viewers saw earlier this week, Donna was born and quickly whisked away. The family knew that she’d need surgery and now they wait to see if it was successful.

Some fans thought the name Carly and Sonny picked for the baby seemed a bit unusual. However, as The Inquisitr noted, the name is actually a tribute to the show’s beloved makeup artist Donna Messina who passed away last year. General Hospital spoilers suggest that there’s a lot more with Carly, Sonny, and the baby coming as the week progresses.

In addition to that, Lulu ends up overhearing a jaw-dropping conversation between Obrecht and Sasha that will leave her completely stunned.

By the looks of things, Lulu will be in a bathroom stall as Obrecht and Sasha have an intense confrontation on the other side of the stall door. Obrecht will tell an anxious Sasha that Nina must never find out that Sasha isn’t really her biological daughter. Lulu hears this and is, naturally, stunned by the shocking revelation.

Viewers know that Sasha did tell Michael the truth about this, and she has wanted to tell Nina the truth, too. Valentin has gone to great lengths to keep this secret under wraps, and he’s pressured Obrecht to keep silent, too. Liesl has known the truth since the beginning, but she’s agreed to maintain her silence.

Will Obrecht’s pressure ultimately keep Sasha silent? General Hospital spoilers suggest that may be the case, but it seems this is going to soon be out of their control.

SheKnows Soaps reveals that Lulu may not stay silent about this Nina bombshell for long. During Thursday’s episode, Lulu confesses something to Dustin, and next Monday, she’ll be feeling on edge. She’ll soon make a declaration of some nature, and what she says is confirmed during next Tuesday’s episode.

Nina and Valentin are on the brink of getting married, and fans have been anxious to see him exposed for this Sasha debacle before the nuptials happen. Will Lulu be the one to finally clue in Nina on what her fiance and “daughter” have done?

General Hospital spoilers tease that there are exciting scenes coming up this week that should give fans a payoff with this slow-moving storyline. All signs point toward things getting pretty crazy with this group, and viewers will be curious to see how Lulu handles the bombshell she overhears.