Kinsey Wolanski Spills Out Of Tiny Blue Bikini In Beach Snap

Kinsey Wolanksi poses for a selfie.
Kinsey Wolanksi / Instagram

Kinsey Wolanksi likes to have fun, and on Wednesday, she updated her Instagram account with a post that put her curves on display while she wore a tiny blue bikini that left little to the imagination.

The post was an Instagram-versus-reality comparison, proving Kinsey can pull off a stunning look while still being funny. In the first photo — which was apparently the “Instagram” snap — Kinsey appeared to be standing in the ocean. With turquoise water all around her and waves splashing around her ankles, she rocked a little blue two-piece. The bikini top appeared to be about two sizes too small, as her breasts were spilling out on all sides. Viewers got an eyeful of Kinsey’s cleavage, as well as a nice look at her underboob. The bottoms were just as revealing, as thin strings rode high on the beauty’s hips. Kinsey’s slender waist, flat abs and toned legs were on display as she stepped toward the camera.

Kinsey looked as though she had been snorkeling, as she wore a mask and goggles on her head while holding swimming fins in one hand. With her wet hair behind her shoulders, she gave the camera a serious look.

The second snap represented “reality,” and it showed Kinsey standing in front of a pile of rocks situated near a building. With a float around her stomach and sandy fins on her feet, she wore the mask on her face. The camera captured her looking less than enthused.

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Instagram Vs Realty ????

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Most of Kinsey’s fans got a kick out of the post. Some of her followers commented on how hot she looked in the snaps.

“You can be beautiful in both,” one admirer said.

One follower told Kinsey to buy a bigger bikini, to which she she replied “nahhh.”

The beauty certainly seems to enjoy flaunting her curves. Over the summer, she has uploaded her fair share of tantalizing photos. From bikinis to Daisy Dukes, Kinsey rocks just about any kind of look. As The Inquisitr reported in September, she looked fantastic in a tight black crop top that accentuated her cleavage.


Kinsey is also something of a daredevil. She gained internet stardom last January when she streaked across the field during the Champions League final game in Madrid. More recently, she shared a video in which she did some airplane wing-walking in August.

Fans wanting to keep up with the thrill-seeker can follow her Instagram account.