Ex-Soldier Kindly Myers Nearly Bursts Out Of Her Peachy Bikini & Fans Are Demanding More

Kindly Myers takes a selfie
Kindly Myers / Instagram

Kindly Myers is back in a bikini. The model, ex-soldier, and social media sensation seems to have two-pieces as her trademark. Then again, Kindly arching her back in a pizza swimsuit seemed to turn just as many heads, as The Inquisitr reports. The blond bombshell has uploaded a new video to her Instagram, and this one may be one of her hottest.

Kindly’s video didn’t see her on shores today, although it definitely made a mention of them, with the model appearing to long for a bit of a vacation. Unfortunately, it looked like Kindly was stuck indoors, although she hadn’t held back on delivering a sizzling swimwear display. Kindly’s video showed her in selfie mode. The blonde was seen flaunting her curves in a silent video, but the lack of sound was more than made up for with the killer cleavage display. Kindly was rocking a peach-colored bikini that was showcasing her famous assets. She accessorized her look a little with a sheer black gown worn over the two-piece. For some fans, the addition of the gown may well have enhanced the effect. Kindly was seen with a chunky silver necklace on, although her accessories seemed left at that. The model was fully made up, with her blond hair worn in a tied-up finish as it flowed down her shoulders.

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I need a beach vacation again ASAP.

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Kindly’s video today definitely racked up views as over 8,400 were clocked in just 50 minutes. Kindly may not rake in the engagement on a Kardashian-Jenner level, but with 1.7 million followers on her Instagram, this star definitely has a fanbase awaiting her updates.

It seemed like Kindly’s fans were demanding more – definitely of her presence. Many fans seemed to have picked up on the caption, with their responses seeming to suggest that they wanted to accompany Kindly to whichever beach she next hits.

“Invite me!!” seemed to see one fan keen to make Kindly a more permanent feature in their life.

“Say when,” another added.

“I have a beach house..on the sand in Laguna! When do you want to come?” an eager user asked the model.

As to other comments, it did seem that users were demanding perhaps a little too much from Kindly in one instance; a fan seemed keen to see more of Kindly’s body, although this comment will likely be ignored.


“Want to chat with me?” one fan asked.

“I need u answer my DM ASAP!” seemed to see one fan probe the star for an apparent lack of response.

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