Donald Trump Denies Claims He Wanted To Fill A Moat With Alligators At The Border, Misspells Moat as ‘Moot’

The tweet came just before a press conference about the House impeachment inquiry by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Rep. Adam Schiff.

U.S. President Donald Trump gives pauses to answer a reporters' question about a whistleblower as he leaves the Oval Office after hosting the ceremonial swearing in of Labor Secretary Eugene Scalia at the White House September 30, 2019.
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The tweet came just before a press conference about the House impeachment inquiry by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Rep. Adam Schiff.

President Donald Trump took to Twitter on Wednesday to deny recent news reports that he had considered building a moat filled with snakes and alligators along the Southern border in order to stop unlawful immigration.

“Now the press is trying to sell the fact that I wanted a Moot stuffed with alligators and snakes, with an electrified fence and sharp spikes on top, at our Southern Border,” the president tweeted at 10:42 on Wednesday. “I may be tough on Border Security, but not that tough. The press has gone Crazy. Fake News!”

In addition to his usual call of “Fake News!” many people on Twitter noticed that the 45th president had misspelled moat as “Moot.”

“What the hell is a ‘moot,'” one user wondered.

Others offered jokes about the president’s misspelling.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, the president was reportedly so interested in border security that members of his administration looked into estimates for his proposal to construct a moat along the southern border that could have included snakes and alligators as a deterrent to cross illegally. He also allegedly wanted the wall to act as a death trap, suggesting the entire structure be electrified and the top be covered with sharp spikes that could “pierce human flesh,” according to The Inquisitr.

The president had reportedly also suggested that migrants attempting to illegally cross the border should be shot, and despite being told on multiple occasions that would be illegal, the president reportedly insisted that the migrants should be shot in the legs while crossing in order to slow them down.


The president’s tweet on Wednesday came at about the same time as a press conference held by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, a Democrat from California, and California Democrat Rep. Adam Schiff, the Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, about the impeachment inquiry the House launched last week following the whistleblower report that revealed the president — on a July phone call — asking the Ukrainian president to investigate one of his political rivals, former Vice President Joe Biden.

The president would later tweet a corrected version of the statement, correctly spelling “moat,” though Trump didn’t acknowledge the error in his original tweet, which was deleted from his account. Trump also fired off several other tweets – at least eight – Wednesday morning, which included calls for Schiff, who the president has targeted over the past several days and has accused of treason, to resign; attacks on the Democratic Party, which Trump branded the “Do Nothing Democrats;” and a quote that claimed that Democrats had not met standards for impeachment, which he attributed to FOX News.