Kendall Jenner Goes Fully Topless In Swimming Mermaid Video

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Kendall Jenner is driving people nuts all over again. The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star does seem to have that effect on her fans. Then again, the world’s highest-paid supermodel has that status for a reason as Kendall is nothing short of drop-dead gorgeous.

A video of the model stripping down to a topless state and engaging in some mermaid swimming has been posted to clothing brand Reserved’s social media. The series of posts have already made The Inquisitr’s headlines for seeing Kendall virtually unrecognizable as a pinup redhead, although the video showing the model’s new and reddish locks wasn’t the only one posted. One showed the star mostly rocking her well-known brunette state, with the video itself seeing Kendall model a bra that was there one minute and not the next.

The video showed Kendall shot in an elegant room with wall carvings and fine furnishings. The model was seen walking in a super-sexy black bra paired with an eye-catching leather skirt, with this part of the footage briefly seeing Kendall switch to her redheaded state. The video offered plenty more, though. Kendall was seen parading around the room in just the skirt with the bra removed as she went topless, with a dark bob hairdo here proving striking. A moment at the end of the video showed the supermodel with a mermaid tail as she swam in a tank. It was hard to see what Kendall was wearing up top, although the overall effect likely had fans mesmerized.

The video may not have been posted to Kendall’s own social media (where engagement is much higher), but this footage has been more than noticed. Fan comments came in a plethora of languages. Clearly, the model’s fanbase keep tabs on her from around the globe. As to the responses, fans seemed in total awe.

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swipe for me and my twin

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“O woooooooooow,” one fan wrote.

“Just wow” seemed to echo the thought.

“KENNYYYYYYY IS A QUEEEEEEEEEENNN” saw a user needing caps.

It did seem that fans had paid attention to all parts of the video. While the footage mostly featured Kendall indoors and dry, it looks like that mermaid part got noticed.

“Will mermaid tail be available to purchase too?” a fan amusingly asked.

“Wooooooooooooooow” was another comment.

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“WOW!” took the same route.

“Woo” may have seen a fan excited, but then again, it may have been an attempt to spell “wow.”

Kendall seems to be racking up the brands like nobody’s business. The model already fronts Adidas, Calvin Klein, Proactiv, plus oral care brand Moon alongside others. Fans wishing to see more of Kendall should follow her Instagram account.