Miss Bikini Model 2019 Dare Taylor Goes Sexy ‘Cowgirl’ In The Hay & Fans Are Going Wild

Dare Taylor takes a selfie
Dare Taylor / Instagram

Dare Taylor is driving her fans wild all over again. The model and social media sensation seems to have that effect every time she updates her Instagram. Just yesterday, Dare channeled Wonder Woman with a sexy armor look that got plenty of thumbs-up, as The Inquisitr reported.

On Wednesday, the model ditched the cosplay (and the two-piece), but she still wowed her fans. Dare’s Instagram photo showed her sitting in a barn, perched on a pile of hay. The star was looking every inch the “full country” mentioned in her caption, with a look that also reflected the various hashtags used, such as “cowgirl.”

Dare was seen in a ripped and light-colored pair of jeans, with brown boots enhancing the cowgirl feel. A cowboy hat atop the model’s head was noticeable, although there was plenty more to look at. Dare opted for a colorful shirt in purple, orange, and blue hues. Open panels around the shoulders showed a little skin. The brunette was looking glowing and beautiful, with discreet makeup warming up her face, plus her long, brown hair worn down. Dare delivered direct eye contact, but the model’s expression was neutral and somewhat wistful.

A fun caption from the star played on her name and used some rhyme – knocking out killer cosplay looks isn’t this girl’s only talent.

It looks like Dare can drive her fans nuts without the swimwear. Comments quickly came in, with fans appearing to love everything about the unusual update.

“Yahoooonoooo Cowgirls!!!!” one fan said, seemingly losing it a bit.

“Yes Haa,” a fan who was totally on-board with the whole thing added.

“Howdy gorgeous Dare darlin yee haw. I do declare you’re absolutely beautiful and freakin seexxyyy, I swear,” another user told the model.

“BEAUTIFUL,” was another comment.


“That’s the most beautiful cowgirl I’ve ever seen,” a user told Dare.

Plenty more comments came in, with the update itself also proving popular overall. Dare might have less than 100,000 Instagram followers, but she definitely has her die-hard fans. Her overall following is likely to climb.

“Smoking,” another fan wrote.

“Wow,” a user totally floored user said.

“I wish I could be your buckaroo,” one fan wrote to Dare.

Dare’s social media seems to include a solid mix of bikinis and cosplay looks. The latter seems to be something that Dare feels passionate about. The model was already profiled last year by Vocal for her skills.