Kendall Jenner Looks Unrecognizable With Red Curly Hair In See-Through Lingerie

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Kendall Jenner has been throwing fans some major curveballs these past few weeks. First, it was Kendall going fully blond, as The Inquisitr reported. The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star quickly switched back to her trademark brunette locks, but it looks like there’s been an update.

Yes, Kendall has gone pinup, with curly red hair.

Kendall took to her Instagram stories overnight, with sneak previews of herself rocking sheer black lingerie. A helpful Instagram account was tagged, with fans able to head over to Reserved and see the model’s photos and videos for the brand. It looks like Kendall has spent quite some time on-set, although fans might well argue that the 23-year-old seems to have spent just as much time with a hairstylist. At first glance, Kendall definitely appeared looking different from her usual self. While the videos posted also included Kendall in her usual brunette state, they didn’t hide the redheaded look that likely had fans doing a bit of a double-take.

Kendall appeared with a throwback feel. The star’s reddish locks had been curled tight around her shoulders for a ’50s finish, with smoky eye makeup accentuating the vibe. The model was seen flaunting her famous frame in a see-through black bra paired with a leather skirt, although other looks also saw the model clad in red. The video ended with Kendall saying “ciao.”

It looked like Reserved posted a fair bit of content showcasing Kendall and her various hairdos. A color image of the model better showcased her head-turning hair, although a black-and-white one focused more on the sheer bra, with this Instagram photo not even showing the model’s face as she posed in semi-profile, with her slim back facing the camera.

Anyone thinking that red and brown were the only hair colors showcased will find themselves corrected. A snap of Kendall with blond locks was also posted.

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Kendall’s recent social media activity has very much seen her rocking the look she is best known for. The model updated her Instagram ahead of her high-profile attendance at Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin’s wedding, with the star appearing in a slinky, velvet, and green dress. There was no denying that this look was one that saw fans recognizing the model immediately, with her long and center-parted brown hair worn down. As to the content posted by Reserved today, well, fans will likely have their opinions.

Kendall has 116 million Instagram followers. Fans wishing to see more of Kendall should tune into the family’s hit E! show or follow the star’s Instagram account.