Jojo Babie Flashes Chest In Wide-Open Pink Robe With No Shirt Underneath

Instagram model Jojo Babie poses for a selfie while wearing a black tank top.
Jojo Babie / Instagram

Instagram model Jojo Babie had thousands among her 9.2 million followers on the platform hitting the like button on Tuesday, as she welcomed the month of October with a hot new photo where she was barely wearing anything under a short pink robe.

In her latest Instagram post, Jojo was photographed inside a bedroom, seemingly in the process of taking a selfie while wearing a tiny robe from Fashion Nova that looked more like a pajama top. Quite notably, the model chose not to wear a bra or a shirt underneath the wide-open robe, allowing her to flaunt her generous cleavage and come dangerously close to a wardrobe malfunction. Jojo was also wearing a matching pair of pink undies, as her get-up for the photoshoot also allowed her to showcase the rest of her curvy body, including her toned midsection and well-built thighs.

Jojo chose not to mention much in her caption aside from the requisite Fashion Nova tags. She did, however, suggest that she is looking forward to October, adding a tongue-out emoji to wrap up the short-but-sweet message that came with the photo.

In the eight hours since Jojo took to Instagram to post her latest update, the photo has gotten more than 114,000 likes and exactly 2,400 comments. Several followers appeared to be at such a loss for words that they chose to simply comment with a string of emoji. Meanwhile, some others took the slightly wordier route as they showed some love for the social media sensation and her revealing new snap.

“And I’ve been waiting for you,” said one user, adding two heart-eyes emoji as they almost echoed the last sentence in Jojo’s caption.


“Killing it with no makeup,” one follower remarked, noticing that Jojo chose to showcase her natural beauty in the sexy snap.

“Phenomenal! What an unbelievable figure, incredible!” gushed a third admirer.

Although Jojo’s curvy rear-end was not on display in Tuesday’s update, the model did take to her Instagram on Monday to flaunt it, asking her followers to double-tap if “[they] love booty shorts” as she posed in such an outfit, pairing her black shorts with what looked like a similarly tight white bodysuit. And, as reported by The Inquisitr, Jojo shared another popular update last Wednesday as she rocked a sheer bodysuit and asked her fans if they’re “down with the thickness.” This, of course, was not just a play of words on rock band Disturbed’s most recognizable song, but also a reference to how Jojo takes pride in having a “thicker” frame than the average Instagram model.