Blake Shelton Admits He Misses Adam Levine On ‘The Voice’ By Comparing Him To A Kidnapper

Luckily for Blake Shelton, Kelly Clarkson has been more than willing to fill the Adam Levine-shaped hole in his heart.

Blake Shelton performs during the Musicians On Call 20th Anniversary Kickoff Celebration Presented by Pepsi at CMA Theater
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Luckily for Blake Shelton, Kelly Clarkson has been more than willing to fill the Adam Levine-shaped hole in his heart.

It’s nearly Halloween, and Blake Shelton is being haunted by the ghost of Adam Levine on The Voice. However, Blake didn’t reference the Phantom of the Opera while trying to describe how it feels to have Adam on his mind all the time. Instead, as reported by USA Today, he compared the Maroon 5 frontman to a kidnapper.

The other coaches on The Voice have all noticed the effect that Adam Levine’s absence has had on Blake Shelton during Season 17 of the NBC reality singing competition. Adam and Blake were the best of frenemies for 16 seasons, and it’s been difficult for Blake to adjust to not having his favorite foil around to trade amusing barbs with. Gwen Stefani, Blake’s co-coach and romantic companion, has observed that her boyfriend has been a little “off” without Adam on the show, and Blake confessed that he’s missing the “Moves like Jagger” singer during Tuesday night’s Blind Auditions. However, in true Blake fashion, his sweet sentiment included a slight dig at his old buddy.

“I’m having, like … What is it when the person gets separated from their kidnapper? I’m having Stockholm syndrome,” Blake said of Adam’s absence.

Blake might be a man’s man, but he hasn’t been afraid to admit that he has a bit of a soft spot for Adam. As reported by People, he’s also confessed that it feels “strange” for Adam to be gone.

“He’s never not been here, you know,” Blake said. “And it’s just that guy that’s just over there constantly just makin’ you want to strangle him. And now he’s gone and it sucks, to be honest with you.”

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However, Kelly Clarkson has gladly taken on the mantle of the cowboy’s new tormentor. During last night’s Blind Auditions, she tried to stir up a little drama between Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani after they both turned their chairs around for 19-year-old Jordan Chase. Kelly warned that there might be a little trouble in paradise as Blake tried to make the case for why Jordan should join his team.

“No cuddles for Blakey!” Kelly said.

“I’m just saying, I’m laying them out there for you,” Blake told Jordan.

“What’s he laying out there for you? Like, what?” Kelly quipped. “They’re ‘that’ kind of couple.”


Kelly also joked about Blake going all Deliverance on one potential team member. She tried to scare James Violet away from joining Team Blake by referencing the hillbilly horror movie when Blake said that James’ voice made him feel like he’d been transported “out in the woods somewhere.” Perhaps Kelly was going after Blake so hard because of the hilarious musical prank that he played on her during Monday night’s episode of The Voice.

Since Kelly Clarkson is filling Adam Levine’s old seat, she’s said that she feels like she should be filling his shoes by giving Blake a hard time. Fans of The Voice can watch one of her exchanges with Blake below to see how she’s doing.