It Might Look Cute But Looks Aren’t Everything

Back on the 10th of October I wrote a post about some dweeb who thought it was a great idea to slap together a site that the guys could sign up for that would given them some advance warning of their female partner’s impending switch to the Exorcist. The response was kinda of funny with one person suggesting; not for the first, that I didn’t have the first clue about a good idea for websites.

Well that may be indeed be the case but I still stand by what I wrote then just as I stand by how I think this companion idea of a cute looking teddy bear meant for women in the throws of Mother Nature’s revenge on womankind. Yes you to now can have your very own PMS Teddy Swear Bear to thrust in the face of that male standing front of you trying to tell you it isn’t all that bad.

Apparently the folks at the Toy Vault thinks that a cute pink teddy – well with the exception of that demonic look on its face – is the perfect gift for a woman during that time of the month what her upbringing stops her from telling that male exactly what she thinks about this PMS stuff. With cute little phrases like “I Will F$%$%!king Kill You” any man within earshot will totally understand that it is time to run for cover. Much thanks to Chip Chicks and SlipperyBrick for the heads up on this story. My only salvation is that my wife has finished with that and thank goodness no-one thought it was an equally brilliant idea to come out with a menopause bear – not sure if I could have survived that.