‘Maxim’s Helpful Hottie’ Caitlin O’Connor Drives Fans Wild Feeding Ducks In A Fuzzy Two-Piece

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Caitlin O’Connor does, indeed, seem to be helpful. The Maxim model, whose “Helpful Hottie” moniker has already been documented by The Inquisitr, took to social media recently with the pictures appearing to be living proof that this girl has earned her nickname. She may be known for modeling swimwear, but Caitlin takes to the water to help others as well – yes, the blond was out feeding the ducks today.

Caitlin’s photo showed her sitting on a boat by a stunning lake framed by greenery and a stunning sky backdrop with fluffy clouds. While fans didn’t see the model with any water animals, a helpful and amusing caption from Caitlin had outlined what she was out to do. The amusing side to it was evident by Caitlin joking that she’d not always managed to get the spelling of “ducks” right.

Caitlin appeared in a fun two-piece comprised of a tight miniskirt paired with a matching jacket. The fur-like material was unusual, although this star doesn’t come as conventional. Caitlin appeared shot both from behind and in profile-view as she smiled and gazed at the scenery, with fans seeing the star’s long and toned legs, plus hints of her slim back. The model’s long blond hair was looking sleek, with a pink baseball cap keeping things light-hearted.

It looks like this hottie doesn’t need to be in a bikini to drive her fans wild. Comments quickly came in, with fans appearing to love everything about the update.

“Sheeeesh,” one fan wrote.

“Sublime,” another added.

“Haha you’re the best” seemed to see one user love that Caitlin was out feeding the ducks.

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Beach day with @martamielczarskaa ????

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“Ten out of ten” was another comment.

Caitlin’s update proved popular overall, racking up more than 580 likes in the space of two hours.

“Omg YAASSS” seemed to see one fan lose it a little.

“Ooof!” was another comment.

“Crushing ittt,” one user told the star.

The post did see Caitlin go down the promotional road. Affordable clothing brand Fashion Nova got a mention, with the model using the required “#ad” hashtag. Fashion Nova does seem to be sweeping Instagram right now via the various swimwear models filling it. Australian model Abby Dowse fronts the brand, as does bombshell Sara Underwood. Of course, at the upper echelon, stars such as Cardi B have full-blown collections with the company. Blac Chyna is also affiliated with the brand.

Caitlin seemed to think that her cozy ensemble was just right for her excursion (and it looked like fans agreed). Fans wishing to see more of Caitlin should follow her Instagram.