‘Playboy’ Model Rachel Cook Teases Sultry Look With Tiny Crop Top, New Hairdo In Enticing Instagram Videos

Rachel Cook attends the L.A. Hearts + PacSun event
Rochelle Brodin / Getty Images

Model Rachel Cook underwent a sultry transformation during a recent photoshoot. The Playboy model shared a couple of short video clips of the different look via her Instagram page, and it appears that her fans are loving it.

The 24-year-old American model explained in the caption of her Instagram post that they were going for a ’70s vibe for this project, and it looks like they were quite successful. Rachel teased that she thought maybe she should switch up her hairstyle, apparently embracing the saucy style she was given for this gig.

The two video clips show Cook with a feathered style that seemed to be a nod toward ’70s bombshell Farrah Fawcett and the show Charlie’s Angels. Rachel had on a heavy makeup look and jeans, along with a navy tube top that hugged all of her curves.

In the videos, Rachel hung one thumb in a pocket of her jeans at one point and teasingly tugged a belt loop later. She played with her hair and cocked a hip as she flaunted her flat tummy and curvy figure.

The former Playboy model has 2.5 million people following her for posts just like this one. The likes piled up quickly, as did the positive comments on this different look that Rachel embraced for this project.

Cook’s Instagram post had more than 12,000 likes within just 20 minutes of going live on her page. Not only that, but almost 200 comments were posted in that short period of time as her followers clearly loved this sultry vibe.

“Wow you’re absolutely gorgeous,” declared one of the Playboy model’s fans.

“The bangs look incredible on you!” exclaimed another follower.


“Not gonna lie you actually look great with that hair lol,” admitted someone else, who perhaps didn’t expect to love the look.

Rachel has been generating a lot of buzz among her 2.5 million followers over the past few days. She had taken a brief break from Instagram toward the end of the summer, but it looks as if she’s found her motivation and passion for posting regularly again.

Cook has shared a fair number of videos lately, along with photoshoot sneak peeks like these new clips. As The Inquisitr recently shared, Rachel’s videos have been raising heart rates with some pretty sultry snaps, and this one is a little tame in comparison.

Despite the fact that this new set of videos is flirty but not necessarily very revealing, the Playboy bombshell’s followers are showing them a lot of love. Rachel Cook never leaves her millions of followers waiting for a new look for long, and people will be anxious to see if she shares more from this latest project.