‘General Hospital’ Tuesday Spoilers: Franco Makes A Call As Liz Nudges Julian To Get Kim Out Of Town

Roger Howarth and Rebecca Herbst play Franco and Liz on 'General Hospital'
Craig Sjodin / ABC

General Hospital spoilers for Tuesday’s episode indicate that there is a lot of Franco-related drama on the way. Elizabeth has a plan to try to get her real husband back, but Franco wants to keep living as Drew, and he’s furious over being dragged to Shadybrook. The October 1 show will have emotions running high as everybody tries to cope with this complicated situation.

The sneak peek for Tuesday’s episode posted on Instagram reveals that Franco will manage to get his hands on a phone. General Hospital spoilers suggest that he’ll call Kim, insisting that he loves her.

While it’s relatively understandable that Franco can’t pull away from believing he is Drew thanks to the memory swap, Kim is another story. She’s still grieving Oscar, so her inability to resist reconnecting with a man who has those memories of those long-ago romance is somewhat natural. However, it looks as if she’s unable to think clearly at this point.

Kim and Terry will cross paths at the park, and General Hospital spoilers share that this may get a bit intense. The two know one another fairly well from when Terry worked on Oscar’s case. Now, the version of Kim that Terry sees will seem like an entirely different woman.

Kim will tell Terry that Drew is real and that he’s not crazy. Terry looks as if she’s doing her best to listen and support Kim. However, she’s longtime friends with Elizabeth, and she’ll certainly support Liz over Kim in this complex scenario.

Not only that, but Franco isn’t really Drew, and he’s certainly not mentally well at the moment. Kim has managed to convince herself otherwise, and it seems she’ll be determined to reunite with “Drew.”

According to SheKnows Soaps, Kim will make someone a promise. Will this come during the phone call Franco manages to make to her?

Across town, General Hospital spoilers detail that Elizabeth will have a conversation with Julian. Despite Julian ending things with Kim, it looks like Liz may hope she can nudge them back together again.


If Julian were to reunite with Kim and move them to New York City as they’d planned, that could make things somewhat easier on Liz. However, it doesn’t sound as if he’ll consider that an option at all at this point. As The Inquisitr previously shared, he is feeling completely heartbroken right now and that’s not going to be easy to move past.

How will this situation be resolved and how long will it take? Right now, General Hospital spoilers don’t reveal much at all about Franco, Elizabeth, or Kim past Tuesday’s episode. Many fans are anticipating that Kim will end up pregnant in the midst of all of this, making this already messy situation even more difficult.

Will Elizabeth get Franco back? What will come of Kim? More General Hospital spoilers hinting at what’s on the horizon should emerge soon, and viewers are anxious for this to be resolved.