Sveta Bilyalova Sizzles In Plunge Top & Tight Pants In Three New Selfies

Sveta Bilyalova boasts over 6.3 million Instagram fans, and she's not afraid to show off her curvy bod on her page. The social media sensation is often spotted in swimwear or in revealing outfits. And yesterday, she kept the theme rolling with a low-cut shirt that allowed her to show off her assets.

The new series of three selfies has been liked over 277,000 times so far. They showed Sveta rocking a black top and tight pants, the latter which appeared to be a shade of dark purple.

The first photo was a bathroom selfie, as Sveta rested her right hand by the sink and held the phone with her left hand. She looked at the phone screen and pursed her lips slightly. Her hair was pulled back in a slick, high ponytail. And her accessories included a Hamsa hand necklace, and large, heart-shaped hoop earrings.

Behind the model, fans could see a luxurious tub, marble walls, and large mirrors.

The second and third photo and video were taken in the doorway of the bathroom. She stood in the middle of two, sliding doors and showed off her hourglass figure. Both of these updates showed Sveta from head-to-toe. It was possible to see that she completed her look with a pair of dark boots.

The selfie video showed Sveta playing with her ponytail, after which she placed her right hand in front of her midriff and popped out her right leg.

The model's fans raved about her new update in the comments section, with plenty of people focusing on her outfit.

"That's going to be hard to have a conversation with u with all the distraction," joked a fan.

"You have jewish 'hamsa' on your neck?" asked another fan.

"I know, i live in Israel, it was half retoric question, hopped [SIC] that she will answer," added the same fan, after someone else confirmed that her necklace was a Hamsa hand.

Others praised her personality, and noticed the geotag.

"Fake or not. She is in great shape and has humor. For me the most important X factor," said a follower.

"Oh I would like to be in Paris at the same time as you but unfortunately it is not the case," said another follower.

It's also worth mentioning that yesterday, Sveta posted another update. This time, it was a short video about how to properly eat spaghetti. Her friend was spotted having a hard time eating the long noodles. However, Sveta easily ate her forkfuls of spaghetti by using a knife.

This video has been watched over 763,000 times so far.