Michael Jackson’s Lying Pushed His Marriage With Lisa Presley Downhill, Says Former Assistant Scott Shaffer

Michael Jackson performs on stage during is "HIStory" world tour concert at Ericsson Stadium November 10, 1996 in Auckland, New Zealand.
Phil Walter / Getty Images

The relationship between Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley was the source of rumors and speculation for years. One conspiracy theory pushed by former Scientologists suggested that the pair were connected by the Church of Scientology. During an interview with The Sun, Jackson’s former assistant Scott Shaffer continued to shed light on the King of Pop’s mysterious relationship with Presley and the cause of its downfall.

According to Shaffer, he was working at the infamous Neverland ranch when Jackson started dating Presley.

“He was always kind of forcing us together. And we got on very well and I liked hanging out with her,” he said.

Shaffer claims that Jackson pushed him closer to Presley because he didn’t want her to become jealous of how close they were. In Jackson’s mind, if Shaffer and Presley were close, jealousy would never become an issue.

As time went by, Shaffer noticed Jackson and Presley’s relationship start to decline, and he claims that Jackson’s lying was one of the primary reasons.

“I noticed things kind of going downhill between them because he wouldn’t tell her things — like where he was going for example,” he said.

In one instance, Shaffer says Jackson took him to Euro Disney for his birthday and lied to Presley about where they were going. Presley later discovered where the pair went by seeing them on television.

“Then she called me and said she was upset with me. She said: ‘I expect it from Michael but you promised you’d never lie to me.'”


According to Shaffer, Presley finally decided to divorce Jackson when he put a “time limit” on her hospital visits while he was recovering from a stage collapse.

“He gave her an hour or even less that she could visit him and then she had to leave – so essentially he put a time limit on her,” he said.

Presley is set to release a tell-all book about her relationship with Jackson. She is also reportedly spending time with her ex-husband Nicholas Cage. The news about a purported relationship comes 17 years after the pair split in 2004 after 107 days of marriage. A source close to the couple claims that they are talking frequently and rediscovering their feelings for each other.

As for the accusations of sexual abuse level against Jackson in Leaving Neverland by Wade Robson and James Safechuck, Presley said in a 1995 interview with Diane Sawyer that she was completely unaware of the late pop star’s alleged behavior with children.