Miss Bikini Model 2019 Dare Taylor Spills Out Of Her ‘Wonder Woman’ Armor & Fans Are In Love

Dare Taylor takes a selfie
Dare Taylor / Instagram

Dare Taylor is back in her famous cosplay. Miss Bikini Model 2019 might be Dare’s official title, but this social media sensation is way more than just a pretty face in a swimsuit. Dare takes her cosplay pretty seriously, as well. While Disney characters are particular favorites, today has seen the star go down the Wonder Woman route. A recent experiment in playing dress-up seems to have impressed the model’s fans.

Dare’s photo showed her in selfie mode. The brunette wasn’t quite looking like Gal Gadot, but she was channeling the famous outfit donned by the Israeli actress, and others before her. Dare appeared in an armored gold- and purple-colored bustier with and a strap detail around her left arm. The armor itself was pretty minimal, and the model’s cleavage made quite a display. Dare might not present the prominent assets seen on other swimwear faces on the platform, but this star has her curves – and fun ways to show them. A metallic bikini worn with thigh-high socks made The Inquisitr‘s headlines recently, as Dare posed for a photo at The Sausage Castle.

It did seem that everything about the star’s recent snap had been nailed, though. A headband matching the corset kept the outfit true to how it appears in the movie, with Dare also rocking long and flowing hair. The model appeared with bold red lipstick and discreet makeup accentuating her pretty features.

Fans are in love.

“Ummmmm, WOW. Your eyes are hypnotizing,” one user told Dare.

“Beautiful,” another fan wrote.

“Girl you are killing it,” read another comment.

“Truly a ‘Wonder’ woman. Very sexy,” one fan remarked, clearly of the opinion that Dare had totally killed the look.


Plenty more comments came in telling Dare that she’d aced it. Cosplay is something that Dare has been interviewed about in the past, proving her expertise.

“Cosplay, in my definition, is self-expression by creating your costume, and showing the people around you at the event your love for the character. I truly love the process in creating my costumes, it’s my favorite part, second to showing the costume at the event,” she told Vocal.

This star may come with a relatively low Instagram following – Dare has yet to reach 100,000 followers – but it looks like she’s gotten noticed. The star’s post racked up over 2,400 likes in the space of 13 hours, with the same time frame bringing in over 97 comments. Fans wishing to see more of Dare and her looks should follow her on Instagram.