‘The Conners’ Want To See Darlene End Up With Ben In Jay R. Ferguson, Johnny Galecki Love Triangle

Sara Gilbert says fans are split over Team David or Team Ben, but her TV family has a definite opinion on Darlene's love life.

Jay R Ferguson and Sara Gilbert on The Conners
Eric McCandless / ABC

Sara Gilbert says fans are split over Team David or Team Ben, but her TV family has a definite opinion on Darlene's love life.

The Conners cast made an appearance on The Talk, and Darlene’s (Sara Gilbert) love life was at the top of the topic list.

In a return visit to the CBS chatfest that Sara Gilbert co-hosted for nearly 10 years, her Conners co-stars John Goodman, Laurie Metcalf, Lecy Goranson, Michael Fishman, and Emma Kenney weighed in on her character’s love triangle on the ABC sitcom. Darlene is currently dating Ben (Jay R. Ferguson) but hooking up with her ex, David (Johnny Galecki), on the sly.

During the sit-down, Gilbert revealed that Galecki will appear on the October 1 episode of The Conners, titled “A Kiss Is Just a Kiss.” She also admitted that she was surprised by the reaction to Darlene’s love triangle.

“Tomorrow night is the first episode where you actually see David come back… Johnny Galecki plays David, obviously. And Jay Ferguson plays Ben. I always thought that everybody would just like David because it’s a 30- year history and everybody would be ‘Team David,’ but I actually see fans kind of split. I think people like that Ben is strong and gives Darlene a run for her money.”

When it was time to “vote” Team David or Team Ben, Goodman clarified that he was voting as his character, Darlene’s protective dad, Dan Conner, as he put up his hand for Team Ben.

In the end, only Fishman (aka DJ Conner) didn’t raise his hand when it was time to vote. The rest of the cast (sans Gilbert) revealed they want to see Darlene end up with Ben after years of back and forth with David.

It is unclear how many episodes of The Conners that Galecki and Ferguson have signed up for or when Darlene’s love triangle storyline will be resolved, but viewers will see her continue to romance two men at least for a little while. Gilbert recently dished that Darlene will run between two areas in The Conners house as she kisses both guys behind the other’s back.

The ABC star joked that she felt “bad” kissing two co-stars back to back and compared Darlene to a contestant on the dating show Bachelor in Paradise.


Viewers first met Galecki’s David Healy on the original Roseanne series when he was introduced as Darlene’s boyfriend in 1992. The characters later married and had a baby, Harris, together. But when the Roseanne revival debuted nearly 25 years later, Darlene and David, now the parents of two kids, were done.

Darlene became involved with her boss, Ben, on The Conners spinoff, and he is currently urging her to move to Chicago with him. But with David also back in the picture and hoping to give their marriage another try, Darlene’s relationship status is clearly in “it’s complicated” territory.

The Conners airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on ABC.