Gwen Stefani Responds To Madonna Rumor And Pokes Fun At Blake Shelton

Neilson BarnardGetty Images

Gwen Stefani finds some of the strange Google questions that curious fans have about her pretty hilarious. She recently sat down for a WIRED Autocomplete Interview to answer their search queries herself, addressing questions about her name, her family, and her possible family ties to other famous pop stars. She also briefly touched on one of her favorite topics, boyfriend Blake Shelton.

The Autocomplete Interview consists solely of the questions about celebrities that Google autocompletes when their names are typed in. Gwen learned that one of the most popular queries about her is whether Gwen Stefani is her real name. The Voice coach confirmed that it is, and she attempted to school fans on the proper pronunciation of “Gwen” by poking fun at the way Blake Shelton says her name.

“Gwen Renee Stefani is my name,” she said. “Not Gwendolyn, not Guinevere, not Gwenovich. Gwen.”

“And not ‘Gwin,’ like Blake says it,” the singer added, doing her best to imitate her beau’s Southern accent.

Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton often gush about one another during their interviews, so it should come as no shock that Stefani also had something nice to say about her cowboy. One of the questions she responded to inquired about how she and Blake are doing.

“We’re going good,” Gwen said. “We’re really lucky. And I love Blake Shelton.”

Gwen was amused by a few of the most popular questions about her, including one asking whether she has a twin sister. She denied that this is the case, but she did say that she has a sister named Jill. She also addressed a rumor that Madonna is her cousin. The “Hollaback Girl” singer said that she is not a relative of the “Material Girl” songstress, and she explained why so many people think that the two ambitious blondes are related.

According to Gwen, her aunt married a man whose last name is Ciccone. Madonna has the same surname, but this is just a coincidence — she is not related to Gwen’s uncle.

“Madonna’s Italian, I’m Italian, so what’s up?” Gwen said.

In response to another rumor that she’s related to Lady Gaga, the 49-year-old No Doubt frontwoman answered in the negative, but she did say that someone mistook her for 33-year-old Gaga at the airport recently. She laughed as she recalled the mistaken celeb spotter singing “Bad Romance” at her.

However, one of the questions that got the biggest giggle from Gwen was one about yet another popular female singer. She might also be known for sporting bubblegum-colored hair, but she and Gwen are not the same person.

“‘Is Gwen Stefani Pink,’” she read. “What!? That is so funny. I’m not Pink, but I love Pink.”

You can watch Gwen’s entire Autocomplete Interview below.