Kendall Jenner Is Drop-Dead Gorgeous In Nothing But A Tight, Tiny T-Shirt

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Kendall Jenner never needed much in the way of fancy flourishes. While the supermodel will often drive her fans nuts with sexy Instagram updates – stripping down to a latex swimsuit earlier this month seemed to do the trick, as The Inquisitr reported – today has seen the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star keep things simple. The model has appeared in a new photo posted to the Kendall + Kylie clothing line Instagram account, which Kendall co-owns with sister Kylie Jenner. Clearly, the 23-year-old looks drop-dead gorgeous in whatever she wears.

The photo showed Kendall in nothing but a black t-shirt. The model had been photographed relatively close up, although for fans of Kendall’s beauty, this likely ticked boxes. Kendall was seen showcasing the tight, cap-sleeved tee in a casual way, with the model photographed looking right into the camera. She sported a direct, serious gaze and what may have been something approaching a smile. The star was seen with one hand placed behind her head, with her trademark dark locks worn down in a center part. As to accessories, there wasn’t much to mention. Kendall was wearing earrings and a necklace, but this wasn’t a snap showcasing plentiful handbags, heels, or other luxuries.

Kendall’s little black t-shirt seemed to be the star of the show. Well, that and the world’s highest-paid supermodel wearing it.

For Kendall’s fans, it isn’t about the Louis Vuitton and custom-made gowns. Rather, it’s about the beauty underneath. As to simplicity, this is something Kendall has referenced herself. The model has been speaking about her new campaign for footwear brand Stuart Weitzman, with a recent interview from Kendall seeing the model open up to Harper’s Bazaar about shoes. That said, simplicity was definitely mentioned.

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“The whole nude thing and keeping simple colors, it’s really nice and super elegant and it’s perfect because I would say if I was looking at my whole closet of shoes, the most shoes that I have are the pretty simple ones because you can wear them over and over and over again. They never get old, the trend never goes. The nudes collection is really cool,” Kendall said.

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bye nyc ????

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The campaign has proven high-profile, with snaps of Kendall rocking thigh-high boots appearing on her social media, although the brands that Kendall fronts haven’t stopped her from continuing to promote Kendall + Kylie. Kendall and sister Kylie feature on a semi-regular basis on the company’s Instagram account, although for fans of Kendall, Monday was likely a lucky day.