First Cannabis Cafe In U.S. Bows In West Hollywood On The Heels Of L.A.’s New Weed Museum Popup

Christopher FurlongGetty Images

A first of its kind in the U.S., Lowell Farms: A Cannabis Cafe bowed as an outdoor rooftop eaterie on October 1. A little more than two months after being approved by the appropriate West Hollywood licensing agency as a venue to be allowed for cannabis consumption in certain public spaces, the Los Angeles area restaurant is now a trending topic on Bing.

On the new restaurant’s Instagram account, The Lowell Cafe called an end to a century-old “prohibition” as the dining and smoking arena debuted at 10 a.m. on Tuesday.

Lowell’s farm-to-table concept means that their flowers, acquired through their affiliated Lowell Smokes, employ organic fertilizer for growing purposes, as the enterprise states on Instagram.

The provider also promised that their marijuana is lab tested and that only natural materials go “from seed to sale.”

As an added plus for marijuana consumers, Lowell Farms employs so-called “budtenders” who give guidance about the wares served at the weed-driven restaurant. In addition, guests who get the munchies while on the premises will likely be thankful for the diverse dining options.

Beyond marijuana-laced treats, other menu items include Scottish salmon salad, chips and guacamole, and jerk lamb chops among their many choices.

Meanwhile, questions about certain aspects of the restaurant were asked by social media followers who were concerned about everything from whether or not they were better off making reservations for their visit Lowell Farms (they are) and whether or not they will be allowed to smoke a joint or use a pipe (guests can do either or both).

Some Instagram followers simply wanted to comment on the new digs.

“The food, service, cannabis, and atmosphere was all 10/10 very pleased I will be back tmrw,” remarked a new fan of the fresh establishment.

“Great spot to enjoy some Rickett thc Champagne,” proclaimed a second fan, who added fire, star, thumbs-up, and strong-arm emoji to his thought.

“If only.. I didn’t live on the other side of the country,” stated an out-of-towner who added two thumbs-up and red heart emoji.

“Oh I’m so there!!!!,” said a fourth Lowell Farms follower, who also made prolific use of positive emoji tacked onto his comment.

Meanwhile, as if it was planned to coincide with the opening of the Lowell Cafe, Los Angeles’s popup Weedmaps Museum of Weed opened last month and now plans to stay open through October on the weekends. Rolling Stone said the reason for the enterprise operating out of a Hollywood warehouse is to offer weed connoisseurs and “cana-curious” folk an interactive education.

One exhibit gives relevant information about California’s Compassionate Use Act and “its impact on cannabis use to treat HIV/AIDS in the 1990s.”

“A leopard print-clad influencer [climbs] into the rickety hospital bed… set up to recall the makeshift emergency rooms where AIDS patients were once treated… Far removed from the once-perilous nature of the AIDS epidemic, the hospital room was treating an SOS of a different sort…”

To learn more about the Weedmaps Museum of Weed, follow the popup’s Instagram account.

Those who need more information on Lowell Cafe: A Cannabis Cafe can also follow the restaurant on Instagram.