Kelly Ripa Flaunts Killer Legs While Lying On The Floor: ‘I Caved, I Just Couldn’t Do It Anymore’

Jamie McCarthyGetty Images

Sometimes, a woman caves. Strutting around the set of a show in high heels and slinky dresses might make for great viewing, but it isn’t easy on the person wearing the shoes. Kelly Ripa made her usual, flawless appearance on Live! with Kelly and Ryan today, although it looks like the 48-year-old has offered a little insight into what goes on after the show is over.

Yes, Kelly just lies back on the floor and kicks those shoes right off.

A video posted to Live! with Kelly and Ryan‘s Instagram account has shown fans a pretty worn-out Kelly. The blonde was seen lying on her back. Fans of Kelly will know that her social media updates documenting her various outfits of late have mostly seen the star pumped, standing up, and donning those high heels. Not today. Kelly was seen flopped on the floor as she admitted that sometimes, it’s the best place.

“If you really want to look your best, you should…lie on your back.”

Kelly was then heard speaking to someone else before announcing that her dress was from designer brand Bash. The camera took it in, but it also moved downwards towards Kelly’s killer legs, with the star’s pins being flashed. Kelly also appeared barefoot, with the white heels she’d worn earlier removed. That came with an explanation: Kelly explained that she’d “caved,” and that she “just couldn’t do it anymore.”

Kelly’s high heels seem to have been a near-permanent deal of late – well, except for when the star drove Instagram wild with makeup-free photos of herself in leggings at the U.S./Mexico border, as The Inquisitr reported. If it hasn’t been heels for Kelly of late, it’s been something even tougher; Kelly appeared on her tip-toes in pointe shoes recently as she attempted to get as many ballerinas en pointe at the same time. The social media buzz from Kelly worked, with the star landing herself a Guinness World Record.

Celebrities do seem to be ditching the standard stilettos for something more comfortable these days. The sneaker trend is alive and well, with the likes of Kim Kardashian and Gigi Hadid regularly seen in them. Less of sneaker-wearer is Kelly, although her gym looks have included the footwear.

Kelly will most likely return in heels for her next television appearance, although now everyone knows what really goes on. To be fair, who can blame her.

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