Farrah Abraham Dubbed Desperate & Pathetic In Dinner Date Video With Kim Kardashian’s BFF Jonathan Cheban

Gregg DeGuireGetty Images

Farrah Abraham’s social circle seems to be including some pretty major faces these days. The former Teen Mom OG star seems to have fully distanced herself from the MTV franchise cast who used to be her co-stars. Instead, Farrah is hanging out with Hollywood faces who rub shoulders with the industry’s elite. The 28-year-old has already made headlines for having dinner with Kim Kardashian’s best friend Jonathan Cheban, with Life & Style reporting the dinner outing that also included Farrah’s daughter Sophia just a few days ago.

It looks like there’s been an update, though. A video of the dinner date has appeared on Sophia’s Instagram, with the footage appearing to show the evening was a fun one. The video mostly featured Sophia smashing a fancy-looking chocolate dessert, although Farrah was featured, with Jonathan also heard and seen encouraging Sophia as she used a spoon to crack the treat.

Fans have been commenting. While some remarks did seem to see users finding the video cute, it did appear that an overwhelming number of fans were slamming Farrah.

“Look at you pretending to be a Kardashian,” one user wrote.

“Now she is trying to be friends with Kim K’s best friend…Farrah is a wannabe Kim” seemed to see another user dubbing the star as desperate.

“Trying to be Kim Kardashian?” one fan asked.

A comment also came in appearing to be directed to Cheban.

“@foodgood why would you associate with these z listers? Frankenfraud Farrah wants to be a Kardashian so bad, this looks so bad for you.”

Indeed, of the comments coming in about Farrah’s choice of company, it did seem that viewers seemed to find it somewhat pathetic. Jonathan himself was told that choosing to hang out with Farrah had been a bad decision on his part. Although some fans seemed taken aback by even seeing him feature in the video, many actually asked if it was Jonathan himself. Farrah was also accused of using the high-profile appearance to further her career.

“Mommy dearest poor little cash cow” was a rather hurtful comment.

Farrah is regularly slammed, and some might say unfairly. Earlier this month, Farrah took to Instagram to honor The Masked Singer with a somewhat-bizarre video that saw her fully ridiculed, as The Inquisitr reported. For the most part, though, the slamming to this video seemed geared toward Farrah’s extensive plastic surgery. That seemed barely mentioned in the comments to the dinner video, although users still found ways to give this mother of one a hard time.

Farrah left Teen Mom OG earlier this year. Fans wishing to see more of the star should follow her Instagram account.