'Halo 4' Castle Map DLC Release Trailer [Video]

David Cornell

New Halo 4 DLC has been announced in the form of the Castle Map pack.

For 800 Microsoft points, or $10, the Halo 4 Castle Map DLC introduces three maps that "emphasize vehicular warfare and large battles over open spaces, where team strategy is key to successfully conquering the battlefield." This could be a great new addition, as team strategy and vehicles have always been a major element to the Halo franchise.

Halo 4's Castle Map DLC will be released just over a month after February's Majestic map pack. It will offer a fresh six vs six playlist and nine new achievements netting a total additional 250 Gamerscore.

In Daybreak, two UNSC bases are placed in opposition on an asymmetrical map where team strategy is key. Teams are forced to split their focus between defending their own base and attacking the enemy. In opposing corners sit the Rocket Launcher and the Banshee, diagonal to the starting bases.

Outcast makes controlling vehicle paths extremely important. This is a circular desert map. Battles between the Mantis and the Wraith will be plentiful, requiring constant communication to get the drop on enemy vehicles. If you're stuck on foot, race to pick up a power weapon at the secondary bases or attempt to hijack an enemy vehicle.

Perdition combines long sightlines with vehicles and close combat. There is something in this map for everybody. Learn the interior routes for the advantage in this map. Power Station 3 contains the Gravity Hammer, an ideal counter to Warthogs and snipers.

The Halo 4 Castle DLC trailer, below, starts with a large spacecraft hovering over a vast canyon. Then we see a train making its way through a station on overhead tracks from which it hangs. A desert canyon hosts another hovering vehicle before the trailer announces, "Castle Map pack." We then see some examples of gameplay with characters leaping vast distances with rifles, some brutal melee combat, and what appears to be a mech shooting its way into enemy territory.

The Halo 4 Castle Map pack DLC is set for release on April 8.

What do you think of the Halo 4 Castle Map pack trailer?