Serena Williams Flaunts Killer Body In See-Through Top: ‘I Better Stay In My Lane’

Bradley KanarisGetty Images

Serena Williams used to be all about the tennis. Now, it’s all about the style. The tennis superstar has her own clothing brand and plenty of press surrounding it, although the 39-year-old will make a headline for that swimsuit body, too — Serena stripping down to a snakeskin swimsuit earlier this summer turned a lot of heads, as The Inquistr reported.

Today has seen Serena pop up on her social media in an area that had nothing to do with the sport that made her famous. The star was talking about hair and style, although fans likely noticed Serena’s killer upper half from the get-go, with Williams’ smartphone in selfie mode taking in her muscular and curvy torso. Serena appeared in a cream-colored top with ribbed and opaque details across the middle. Fabric at her shoulders and bust were both sheer and meshed. This fashionista might have been in a bathroom, but the home outfits seem just as impressive as the red carpet ones for Serena. The star wasn’t dedicating her video to herself, though, as she was talking wigs and fixing someone else’s hair.

Serena was heard telling everyone to watch out as she practiced her hair-styling skills, although she didn’t appear to boast. On the contrary, Serena was heard saying that she had “better stay in my lane.”

A quick look at Serena’s social media seems to show three things. The star’s tennis days continue to be documented with throwback photos of her on the court, but the two prevailing themes seem to be Serena’s motherhood journey and her killer style. With a brand to manage, it makes sense that this businesswoman showcases the latter.

Speaking to Who What Wear about her Serena fashion line, the star revealed how the project got started.

“I decided to start this line because I love fashion. I studied fashion in school at the Art Institute. I’ve always done it—I’ve designed a lot of stuff for Nike. As you know, I did my own collection with HSN. I wanted to do something where I’m making all the decisions and being the creative director, so it was time to move out on my own. That’s pretty much what I did,” she said.

“Our tops sell really well, and we bring out special editions,” Serena added.

Those tops may sell so well because the brand’s founder looks so great in them. Fans wishing to see more of Serena should follow her Instagram.