VoIP provider Packet8 experiencing intermittent outages

Kim LaCapria

Packet8, the largest U.S. VoIP service provider after Vonage, has experienced intermittent outages across the country today.

Packet8 has 100,000 residential subscribers and 10,000 business clients, many of whom remain without service following the outage. Frustrated clients report failure on the part of Packet8 to communicate with subscribers about the outage; calls to the company are met with an automated message saying ""all lines are busy at this time, please try again later," followed by disconnection of the line.

The 8x8 website, also reported by several customers to be down, is working for some but not all subscribers right now. A thread on the site indicates that the outage occurred in several states. As of an hour ago, the company posted the following statement about the issues:

At this time, due to an IP issue with our underlying carriers some customers may be experiencing a loss of phone service. We know of a few internet providers still affected by this issue. These currently include but are not limited to Cox, Comcast, Roadrunner, and AT&T. Our teams are currently working with our underlying carriers to quickly resolve this issue. We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your patience.

Thank you. Packet8 Operations.

Thank you. Packet8 Operations.