Bikini Bombshell Kindly Myers Rolls Down Her Swimsuit On Her Knees: ‘Jamaica Me Crazy’

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Kindly Myers is back in revealing swimwear, although on Friday, the famous blonde went extra-daring. Followers of Kindly’s social media may remember a super-sexy green swimsuit from back in August. That photo showed the Playboy model standing in a stunning waterfront setting as she modeled the one-piece in its entirety. However, it looks like Kindly has returned for a snap showcasing the bathing suit in a slightly more revealing way.

Kindly’s photo showed her kneeling in shallow waters and photographed from behind, with the model herself seen in semi-profile. The snap showcased the model’s fierce curves, as Kindly pulled her swimsuit entirely down. Fans seeing the image may well have initially reacted by thinking that the look was comprised of a pair of bikini bottoms. The image rendered Kindly fully topless, although both her positioning and a carefully-placed arm protected Kindly’s modesty. Fans weren’t deprived of her signature sexiness though, with Kindly also showcasing her super-pert rear and toned thighs as she posed for the photo.

The blond bombshell’s long and light locks were seen cascading down her back for a sexy finish. Kindly also delivered some piercing eye contact. A caption from the star played on the name of an island in the West Indies, although it also entered playful territory.

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Jamaica me crazy . . ???? @peteherron

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It looks like the update has been noticed. Kindly’s post had racked up over 1,280 likes in just 16 minutes, and while Kindly doesn’t boast an immense social media following, her posts do seem to be popular with her dedicated followers. Comments quickly came in, and her fanbase appeared to love everything about the snap.

“Great pic!” one fan told the model.

“Beautiful,” another user wrote.

“I see what you did there girl,” one user remarked, picking up on either the caption or the rolled-down bathing suit.

“Yummy,” read another comment.

Kindly’s photo did seem to have fans responding to the caption, though – it isn’t all about the eye-popping assets as far as this model’s followers were concerned.

“Me too,” a user wrote.

Kindly’s updates do seem to be packing a punch these days. A photo of the model arching her back while poolside — a picture posted just two days ago — currently sits at over 11,000 likes. That, too, came with a fun caption linking back to the image, as The Inquisitr reported.

“Oh my days! What a pic babe!” another fan wrote to today’s snap.

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