‘LPBW’ Star Amy Roloff Faces Death Of Her Mother Patricia Knight, Loss Comes Just Days After Happy Engagement

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Little People, Big World star Amy Roloff has faced major highs and lows over the course of the past couple of weeks. The LPBW personality recently shared exciting news about getting engaged to her beau Chris Marek. However, now it is emerging that Amy lost her mother Patricia Knight recently as well.

As The Inquisitr recently detailed, Roloff beamed as she shared on Instagram that Marek had proposed to her, and she had accepted. Chris and Amy started dating about three years ago, and she said she was surprised and thrilled by his proposal.

Now, Radar Online notes that Roloff’s mother died about a week ago. It seems that Knight passed away just a few days after Amy’s engagement, but this loss didn’t necessarily come completely out of the blue.

In early August, Roloff shared an Instagram post sharing that she and Marek had gone to visit her mom and dad in Michigan. The Little People, Big World star noted that her mom was struggling with some ongoing health issues, but that she was hanging on.

In her lengthy caption, Amy clearly had it on her mind that she might not get many more visits like this with both of her parents. Now, Roloff is likely to be all the more grateful for that special time in Michigan she had with her parents just a couple of months ago.

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My trips to Michigan now,ever since I left and moved to get married 31 years ago, are about moments I can cherish and take back w/ me to Oregon. It’s like having a little piece of Michigan with me all the time. ????????????????????. This time the moments meant so much more- maybe because I’m not so sure when the next time I’ll get to share a day, a conversation, a meal ... w/ my Mom and Dad. As I get older and look back and see how much time has gone by to how many days I have to look forward to - not so much the # of days but more in being sure I’m grateful for the moment I have right now. I’m so thankful I just got to hang out w/ my parents, and just be with them. I loved that Chris was by my side and able to come out again and share in the moment and hang out w/ me too. Sharing, gathering, thankful for now. ❤️???? Moments, no matter what goes on or happens in your life, good and bad, happy or unhappy, I think there is always room to gather... to love, have hope, know Joy, forgiveness, embrace, agree, disagree, love more... to make meaningful moments. Because they matter, have value and purpose in our life. I’m thankful I got to make more moments with my mom and dad to bank in my memory and Chris was w/ me. ❤️????❤️ My mom is hanging in there. She’s still able to get around a little - she’s determined and her mind is strong but her body is weak. Just try to take time to appreciate moments everyday before they slip away. Love to you all ????❤️????❤️???? #amyroloffssecondact #michigangirl #lovemyfamily #travelswithamyandchris

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So far, Amy hasn’t shared specifics about her mother’s death with her LPBW fans via her social media pages. Her latest Instagram post notes having received sad news recently, and followers in the comments have mentioned having learned about the death of Roloff’s mother.

The new post from the LPBW star includes an adorable photo of Amy’s two grandchildren, Jackson and Ember. Roloff mentions that it’s been a tough week after getting sad news, but she says that her grandkids always melt her heart.

As Little People, Big World fans know, Amy will have two more grandbabies to love on within the next few months. Jeremy and Audrey are expecting a baby boy in January, while Zach and Tori will welcome a baby girl in November.

So far, it doesn’t appear that others from the family have mentioned Knight’s death via their Instagram pages. However, reports indicate that the family will gather in late October for a memorial service for Amy’s mother. It seems that all of her kids with ex-husband Matt Roloff, Molly, Jeremy, Zach, and Jacob, are expected to attend.

Fans are leaving plenty of supportive comments on Amy’s latest Instagram post as the news about her mother’s death spreads. The Little People, Big World star seems to still be wrapping her head around the difficult loss, and it seems likely that she’ll open up to fans about the loss sometime soon.