Miss Bikini Model 2019 Dare Taylor Pulls Down Her Daisy Dukes: ‘Book Me For A Shoot’

Dare TaylorInstagram

Dare Taylor is making sure she gets noticed. The Miss Bikini Model 2019 bombshell already gets plenty of attention from her fans, but this smart cookie knows that including a little self-promotion in an Instagram hashtag never does any harm. The model and social media sensation has delivered a brand-new update, with today’s one definitely differing from yesterday. Dare’s bikini update yesterday came with a big reveal of being “emotionally attached” to the two-piece she was modeling, as The Inquisitr reported.

Today Dare ditched the swimwear, but the model didn’t hide her killer physique. The star’s photo ticked boxes for flaunting her famous curves, although the post did seem to come as a bittersweet moment, with the model appearing to recognize that fall is on its way. A pair of Daisy Dukes still flies the flag for summer, though.

Dare’s photo today showed her shot in a sunlit setting and against a wall formed of wooden planks. The star was rocking a super-sexy and tiny pair of Daisy Dukes that were both frayed and being pulled down. Dare’s left hand was taking care of her shorts, with her right holding a beverage. The outfit was definitely a color-coordinated one, with blue shades from the shorts matching a crop top in white, blue, and red. A perspex visor atop the star’s heads added a little pizazz, although Dare comes as an unfussy deal, overall.

A look through the hashtags used by Dare confirmed it: She wants to be booked for a photo shoot.

A quick look at the other hashtags used by Dare shows plenty of ambition. This rising social media face may be known for her bikinis and pretty incredible cosplay get-ups, but it looks like this star has big ambitions. The hashtags mentioned both singing and acting as something that Dare seems keen to pursue. An interview with Vocal did see Dare confirm that she wants to take acting into a full-time deal, but it equally seemed to see the star not quite settled over where she wants to end up.

“But I have so many other aspirations it’s hard to define myself, I guess,” she said.

As to whether today’s photo will catch the eye of any photographers willing to give Dare that “shoot,” they might just find that Dare is a pleasure to work with.

“When I am on a shoot, it’s a photographer’s vision with me in it, I don’t have much of a creative say it most of it,” the model added about working with photographers.

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