Disturbing Video Shows A Drunk Bus Driver Screaming With A Bus Full Of Children


When parents put their children on the school bus in the morning, they are ultimately giving the bus driver their complete trust. They are trusting them to get their children to school safely and return them at the end of the day. Unfortunately, some parents in Washington were let down when their children’s bus driver drove her route drunk and put everyone in danger. A disturbing video shows a 48-year-old bus driver named Catherine Maccarone yelling at children and driving erratically while dropping off kids, according to Today.

The video footage begins with Maccarone sitting by herself in the bus on her way to get the kids from school. She talks to herself, ranting about her struggling marriage and about how crazy she is. Later on, the bus is full of students and the children are shrieking and bouncing around dangerously in their seats due to Maccarone’s reckless driving.

At one point, she can be seen turning her eyes completely away from the road to point at a nearby child, screaming at them.

“You have potential!”

Her ranting becomes increasingly bizarre as she tells the young children about her life, saying that she had graduated from college three times and once dreamed of being a police officer in Los Angeles. While in training, she says that she spent a year as a gang informant.

“I’m totally crazy,” she says, later repeating that she “loves life.”

Thankfully, no children were injured due to Maccarone’s reckless driving nor will she be driving any students in the future. This is thanks to a quick thinking 10-year-old who caught on to what was going on with the bus driver and called 911. He informed the dispatcher that the driver was drunk and had driven through three different red lights while the children were on the bus. He had tried to convince other kids to get off the bus with him at his stop but Maccarone hadn’t permitted it. The child’s 911 call is especially sad, according to ABC News.

“Ummm, yea, hello. We just got off the bus — me and my friend. And on bus 8… the bus driver, Catherine, she was drunk. She passed three red lights and she got on the side road by the 76. And there’s still kids on there. And I was telling my friend to get off with me — and his sister — but the bus driver wouldn’t let him.”

Maccarone is now without a job and was charged with a DUI and reckless endangerment.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, another bus driver got caught drinking and driving with students on board just last month in Louisiana. She was charged with a DUI.