Amanda Bynes Unrecognizable After New Makeover

Amanda Bynes is nearly unrecognizable after what appears to be a drastic makeover. The actress shared her new look on Sunday, posting a picture — presumably of herself — on Twitter.

The photograph appears to show the 26-year-old actress looking quite different from the girl-next-door image she was once attached to. With body jewelry, heavy makeup, and what appears to be a wig, fans of the star might find Amanda Bynes unrecognizable.

Tweeted with the one-word caption “Wink,” followed by an emoticon, the image seems to show Bynes sporting massive blonde curls spilling from beneath a red hat.

With dramatically false eyelashes ringed in heavy black and silver eyeliner, the actress’ eyes seem to dominate her face.

Paired with a pale, almost luminescent lipstick, the makeup renders Amanda Bynes’ features almost totally unrecognizable.

Rounding out the former Nickelodeon star’s transformation are stiletto fingernails and the actress’ recent cheek piercing.

Amanda Bynes followed the picture with a series of tweets on the apparent subject of love and romance. “If it is meant to be, our hearts will find each other when we meet. And if our hearts melt together so will our bodies and souls,” the actress wrote shortly after posting the picture.

In subsequent tweets, Bynes reportedly wrote that she was “forgetting past memories,” and how “the best feelings are those that have no words to describe them.”

The actress ended her reflections on the subject with the tweet, “I don’t care who kissed you first as long as I kiss you last.”


Amanda Bynes’ unrecognizable new look comes in the wake of media attention surrounding numerous instances of illegal activity allegedly committed by the star, who has claimed to be retired from the acting profession.

Last year Bynes allegedly hit a police vehicle was arrested for driving under the influence. Subsequent incidents reportedly followed, earning the actress two hit-and-run charges and two counts of driving on a suspended license.


Amid speculation that the actress was struggling with drug abuse issues, she moved to New York from Los Angeles. Less than six months after relocating to the east coast, Bynes was reportedly evicted from her apartment in New York City and is now residing at a hotel in the area.

Did you grow up watching the actress on Nickelodeon? Do you think Amanda Bynes is unrecognizable in the picture she posted on Twitter?