Miley Cyrus Talks ‘Love’ & ‘Loyalty’ On Instagram Story While Snuggling In Bed With Her Dogs

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Miley Cyrus posted about “love and loyalty” after sharing a selfie of herself and her dogs snuggled together in bed on September 29, one week after splitting from her girlfriend of one month, Kaitlynn Carter.

The singer posted a series of photos and captions to her Instagram story where she shared random thoughts, photos, and videos over the course of two days. But it was the photo of herself snuggling in bed with two of her dogs that has sparked the most speculation of how she is dealing with all the personal changes that have occurred in her life over the past several months.

“Happy Sunday from me & 2 stinky dogs!” she wrote. “Waking up surrounded by animals is my favorite way to start a morning. I am immediately reminded about LOVE without conditions…. the best part about animals is that they are careless about the details. They live by the golden rule … Love & Be Loved. Nothing in between. No questions regarding wealth, career, talents, race, age sex …. They love back 100X …. all they ask is to be cared for in exchange for loyalty, reliability, and faithfulness. (reminds me of someone).”

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Beanie takes Powell ????⛰????

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The singer and actress was unclear as to whom she was reminded of in regard to her statements about loyalty, reliability, and faithfulness. Us Weekly reported that it could very well be Carter she is alluding to while other news outlets have claimed it could very well be her ex-husband Liam Hemsworth.

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@ysl @anthonyvaccarello

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Cyrus’ sweet snap came on the heels of her breakup with her girlfriend of one month, Kaitlynn Carter, the ex-wife of The Hills: New Beginnings star Brody Jenner. The singer hooked up with Carter just days after she announced her divorce from her husband of eight months Liam Hemsworth. Prior to their marriage in December 2018, Cyrus and Hemsworth were a couple for the better part of 10 years.

The Inquisitr recently reported that Hemsworth was hopeful for their marriage, reportedly looking toward their future as a couple, which included beginning a family with Cyrus, but it appears the couple was on different pages in regard to that part of their relationship.

The singer said in an interview with Elle Magazine in July 2019 that she would not even consider having children in the near future due to the effect of climate change was having on the world. She revealed in that interview that she believes humans cannot continue to take from the Earth and expect it to keep producing. This was what she feared for any children she would bring into the world and said she would not reproduce, at least at this point in time, because there was no change being affected to help the Earth for future generations.

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Daddy & Mommy

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In that same interview, she touched on her “complex and modern” marriage to The Hunger Games star. She revealed that although she was in a heterosexual marriage, she was still attracted to women, and she said she chose Hemsworth to be her partner because he was the one who supported her the most.

Miley Cyrus, Ariana Grande, and Lana Del Rey recently released a collaborative single for the soundtrack of the new Charlie’s Angel’s film titled “Don’t Call Me Angel.”