CNN Poll: Joe Biden And Bernie Sanders Tied For First In Nevada, Elizabeth Warren Gaining In South Carolina

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders former Vice President Joe Biden, and Sen. Elizabeth Warren interact on stage during a debate.
Win McNamee / Getty Images

A new CNN poll conducted by SSRS confirms that the Democratic primary competition is beginning to look like a three-way race between former Vice President Joe Biden, Independent Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, and Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts.

Nevada and South Carolina voters were polled.

In Nevada, Biden and Sanders are tied in the first place, with both receiving support from 22 percent of likely caucus-goers. Warren is breathing down their necks, having managed to win the support of 18 percent of the electorate.

Moderates and conservatives in Nevada are backing Biden, as are older voters. Younger, more liberal voters support Sanders.

Among those under the age of 50, 35 percent support Sanders, and 12 percent support Biden. However, among voters 50 or older, the former vice president is leading with 32 percent of the vote, and only 11 percent support Sanders.

Warren does relatively well with older voters, 23 percent of whom support her. She is not as popular with young Nevadans, 13 percent of whom support her.

For Nevada Democrats, the poll suggests, electability matters, with six in 10 likely caucus-goers reporting that they believe it is more important to nominate a candidate capable of beating President Donald Trump than to nominate someone who reflects their values.

Health care is also an important issue for Nevada voters, and 32 percent of them believe Sanders would do the best job.

Twenty-five percent of them think Biden is the best candidate when it comes to health care, and 17 percent believe Warren is best suited to improve medical care in the country.

Biden is ahead of the pack in South Carolina.

The former vice president leads the field with 37 percent of likely voters backing him.

Warren is gaining momentum and she is ahead of Sanders, but in a distant second, having swayed 16 percent of likely caucus-goers in South Carolina.


Sanders is in third place with 11 percent.

Biden has maintained an edge over the rest of the field thanks to black voters, 45 percent of whom back him. Among white caucus-goers, however, the former vice president is deadlocked with Warren — 29 percent favor Biden, and 28 percent favor Warren.

South Carolina voters across the board favor Biden, the poll suggests, and nearly half would be enthusiastic about a Biden nomination. Thirty-five percent would be enthusiastic about a Warren nomination, and 23 percent are excited by the prospect of Sanders being the nominee.

On a wide range of issues, South Carolina Democrats prefer Biden over the rest of the field. Likely caucus-goers trust Biden when it comes to issues such as health care, gun policy, economy, and immigration.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, although the Democratic primary appears to be a three-way race, Biden is favored by Senate Democrats, five of whom have already publicly endorsed him.