Miss Bikini Model 2019 Dare Taylor Shows Instagram The Two-Piece She’s ‘Emotionally Attached’ To

Dare Taylor poses for a photo
Dare Taylor / Instagram

Dare Taylor is back in a bikini, and it’s one she seems to have a particular fondness for. Miss Bikini Model 2019 has already made headlines this month. Dare rocked a metallic bikini with thigh-high socks at The Sausage Castle four days ago, per The Inquisitr, although today has featured the social media sensation keeping things simple, with a photo of her shot against a white wall.

There was still plenty to look at, though.

Dare’s photo today showed her full-frontal as she rocked a dangerously tiny bright blue bikini. This two-piece wasn’t a fancy getup, although it had a cutout at the bust, affording fans a healthy flashing of underboob. Dare has a confidence to match her name, though. The brunette was owning her swimwear like the pro she is, with fans seeing more than just a little cleavage. The star’s flat stomach, toned abs, and shapely hips were all on show, with Dare herself also showcasing her beauty via a made-up face.

The model appeared with bright red lips to contrast her porcelain skin. While other swimwear models on Instagram lather up the fake tan, Dare seems to steer clear of it. The star looked right into the camera for her snap, with two hands placed around her hips; here, fans saw briefs with a fun string band.

A caption seemed to admit that this bikini might well be her favorite. At least, her words mentioned a certain fondness for it.

Dare is an unusual breed. The skimpy swimwear isn’t the only thing that makes this star unique; mixing it up with cosplay does. Dare’s Instagram feed showcases her eye-catching outfits, with the star appearing to have a particular penchant for Disney. Speaking to Vocal, Dare offered some advice for anyone looking to get into cosplay.

“Be whoever and whatever character you want to be, just give yourself plenty of time so you can really enjoy the process and showing off the end result. I wish I knew about this community sooner so I could have been apart of the family much sooner,” she said.


“I really think right now the community is extremely accepting and I think people see it. I guess as a contest for who has the best costume? But it’s not like that at all it’s truly a wonderful community,” Dare added.

There’s no knowing what Dare will rock next. Fans wishing to catch the next update from her should follow her Instagram, where she has 99,000 followers.