Upcoming Film ‘The College Admissions Scandal’ Will Expose The System That Allows Wealthy An Unfair Advantage

Paul MarottaGetty Images

For many American teenagers, the college admissions process is something they learn about and prepare for years in advance. They learn how to make themselves look as desirable as possible to college admissions boards by partaking in extracurricular activities, landing a solid GPA, and of course, preparing for their SAT exam so they can get an impressive score. This process, for many, involves hard work, dedication, and a lot of sacrifices. For others, as has been shown in the past year, the process is a bit different. The ongoing college admissions scandal has likely changed the way America will look at the process forever, according to Los Angeles Magazine.

Lifetime is currently in the process of making a movie based on the whole scandal called The College Admissions Scandal. The film is inspired by the events that have transpired throughout the past year and is directed by producer Adam Salky. In a recent interview, Salky opened up about what can be expected from this film, how closely it will reflect the famous figures involved in this real-life scandal, and the way the movie will expose the broken process of getting into American colleges.

As it turns out, Salky has experienced firsthand how brutal the college admissions process can be as he grew up at a high-pressure college prep school when he was a teenager. He knew fellow students who certainly had an advantage academically because of their parents’ wealth. Some of them had pricey tutors hired by their parents that helped them prepare for the SAT exam and allowed them the best possible chance at getting into the college of their dreams.

“There were friends of mine who had unbelievably expensive consultants having them prep for the SAT. It was nothing like what Rick Singer was doing, but just the world of pressure around kids and families was something during that time of life that I understood,” Salky said.

When Salky read the script for this upcoming movie, he knew immediately he wanted to be a part of this process. As much as the previews of the movie appear to closely portray the real legal drama involving stars like Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin, he insisted it isn’t about the real families but more so the way the wealthy have an unfair advantage in the world of academia.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, Rick Singer is the alleged mastermind of the scheme who convinced wealthy parents to use bribery to get their kids into college.

“I think Rick was able to make parents feel like they could have some degree of control over the process and that was sort of the power that he was selling,” said Salky of Singer’s actions.