September 29, 2019
Mark Consuelos Proves Worthy Of Kelly Ripa's Eternal Lust

Kelly Ripa never ceases to adore her husband's enviable body. A few weeks ago, the talk show host said hunky Mark Consuelos' physical assets are an "outrage."

She also admitted that the father of her three children is hard to handle because he is able "to stay fit and healthy with seemingly minimal effort," according to The Inquisitr.

On September 29, Mark gave Kelly yet another reason to get hot and bothered. The Riverdale star showed up on Instagram in rare form as his teen drama character, Hiram Lodge. His ripped and chiseled body was front and center while he was being arrested in a clip from The CW show, which debuts Season 4 on October 10.

Throughout the video, circumstances featured the 48-year-old Spaniard's body nearly every time Mark was seen -- and he was seen a lot. At first, he was half-naked while appearing to be getting battered in a boxing ring -- as indicated by the cuts on his face -- at the same time as the cops burst onto the scene.

Then he was pictured while working out by lifting a very heavy set of dumbbells while not wearing a shirt. As he emerged from his prone position, the nearly nude dude offered fans some heavy breathing and a close-up view of his seriously toned upper body.

Then, at the very end of the clip, Mark's Hiram rocked an orange jumpsuit which was required while he was locked up. However, he still looked very buff, even while being clothed.

About an hour after Mark's Riverdale video had been uploaded for his 1.8 million Instagram followers to enjoy, more than 77,000 of those fans liked his share. In addition, many commented on how fit and fabulous the television star appeared to be.

"Sweet Mother!! So JACKED!!!" commented one fan, adding two strong-arm emoji to emphasize his point.

"Yoked or shredded? Or skinny with baby oil?' inquired another follower.

"I see you bad boy Hiram! Yes sir...," remarked a third fan.

"Oh my," said a fourth social media user who put a red heart on her comment so Mark would know exactly how she was feeling.

Meanwhile, yet another Instagram follower got right to the heart of the matter as far as Mark's wife was concerned. That commenter addressed Kelly Ripa before telling her, "You are VERY Blessed." A winking emoji followed, after which time this equal opportunity Instagram fan admitted that Mark is lucky to have Kelly by his side as well.

That being said, the clip had not been uploaded merely to let Kelly know how others felt about her spousal selection. Mark explained what was going on in the video, which was tantamount to an advertisement for Riverdale. He said his character had not only been arrested and sent to jail, but that the jail in question was private with Hiram as the backer as well as the first inmate.

At first, his orange jumpsuit was marked with a random number. However, after the lead actor asked, "What is the deal with that number?" the Riverdale powers that be made his official number 001 since he had become the first prisoner in his own jail.

Now, what are the chances of that happening in real life?

Watch Mark Consuelos as Hiram Lodge on Riverdale and keep an eye out for his updates on social media.

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