Fitness Model Ainsley Rodriguez Stuns In A Traditional Indian Gown For Friend’s Wedding

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Fitness model Ainsley Rodriguez has much to make merry about in her life; she has a healthy person and flourishing business. However, her new source of celebration takes the cake, literally. In a new Instagram post, Ainsley revealed that her best friend was getting married, and she stunned in the traditional Indian attire she wore for the occasion.

It is a far cry from Ainsley’s usual attire, which often consists of athleisure or — a particular fan favorite — bikinis. Though she has occasionally posts pictures of herself in “going out” clothing, like a pair of black Daisy Dukes and a matching top worn over the weekend, she rarely posts such formal attire, and fans are unsurprisingly loving the unusual update.

In the picture, Ainsley wears a floor length gold gown. It has a large section of see-through netting, adding to the sultry nature of the shot. In fact, almost all of her toned legs are visible through the dress. In addition, the neckline of the dress is very low cut, meaning that Ainsley’s bosom is on full display.

Ainsley completed the look with a pair of high-heeled T-strap gold shoes and a gold bracelet. Her hair is styled in an elegant half updo, with soft waves cascading down her back. The finishing touch was a gold bindi on her forehead.

The picture quickly earned over 22,600 likes and more than 470 comments.

“Devastatingly breathtaking,” one awestruck fan gushed, adding a cat heart-eyes emoji and hallelujah hands.

“You’re simply gorgeous,” echoed another, with two red hearts.

“Majestic!!!” concluded a third, with the heart-eyes face.

Throughout the weekend, Ainsley also kept her fans up-to-date with the wedding celebrations through her Instagram story. In one clip, she wears a satin robe as she just finished her makeup. With a dark gold eyeshadow and bronzer, she looks like a golden goddess.

In another, she introduced her “wedding date,” who was a little boy she called her “little man” and “booger” in the caption.

Ainsley then showed off gown number two, which looked to be a pink-and-gold sari. Like the first gown, it looked beautiful against the golden tan of the Miami native.

Ainsley then added a few clips of the bride, including the fact that she had wisely worn sneakers under her gown so that she could best “party.”

Ainsley has often proclaimed her love of dancing, so fans will eagerly wait to see if the gym bunny posts any clips from the evening where she gets her groove on.

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Meanwhile, other fans gushed about the sweet relationship Ainsley had with her bestie, and wished them both the best.