The Men Of ‘Bachelor’ Nation Reveal How They Keep Their Skin Glowing

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Skincare has become a popular topic in recent years, with plenty of bloggers and YouTube stars insisting they have the secret formula for the clear, glowing skin, that everyone wants but frankly seems unattainable. Healthy skin is especially important when you are on national television, for example, the beautiful faces that make up Bachelor nation. But skincare isn’t just a feminine topic of interest; plenty of men are also passionate about the topic, including some of the handsome stars of the recent season of Bachelor in Paradise, according to US Magazine.

A few of the male contestants of the most recent season of Bachelor in Paradise came together to share some of their skincare secrets and discuss how they maintain their photo-ready skin on a regular basis. Mike Johnson, Chris Bukowski, Jordan Kimball, Connor Saeli, and Chase McNary all opened up about some of their holy grail products and how they kept clear skin throughout the course of filming on the sizzling beach in Mexico.

First up was Johnson, who says he swears by coconut oil and loves how versatile a beauty product it is. However, he’d never experienced a facial and was pumped to get one with the rest of the men who got treated to a Lumenis OxyGeneo 3-in-1 Super Facial as part of a brand endorsement deal.

Bukowski revealed that he thoroughly enjoys facials, not just for relaxation but also to keep his skin healthy. He emphasized that taking care of his skin is a priority to him. After all, he might not have made all those Bachelor appearances without his good looks.

“It’s a game-changer. It’s like getting a massage on your face. You’ve got to take extra care of your face, it’s your money-maker” he said.

Meanwhile, Kimball is a male model and is known for raving about all his favorite skin and hair care products. Kimball uses an assortment of products to keep his skin clear and to make sure he’s ready for all of his photoshoots. But his favorite is Evian spray, which is an affordable hydrating product, is what he swears by.

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“It hydrates your face. It’s $18 for two cans. You spray it on, three minutes let it sit, dab it. Dude, your face never looked better,” he gushed.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, Kimball returned this past summer for his second stint on Bachelor in Paradise. However, his time on the show was cut abruptly short when he got into a physical fight with a fellow contestant.