Kelly Ripa's Daughter Lola Stuns In Slinky Satin Dress In Her Bedroom

Keeping tabs on Kelly Ripa's daughter used to be pretty tough going: the 18-year-old offspring of the Live! with Kelly and Ryan host once had her Instagram on lockdown, although Lola Grace Consuelos appears to have lifted the limiting aspect, with fans now able to see her feed without requesting a follow.

Kelly herself just made headlines for wowing in booty shorts in a killer throwback with Lola, as The Inquisitr recently reported. Today is seeing Lola make a headline on her own, though, as she has delivered a stunning Instagram update that likely ticked plenty of boxes for her fans.

Lola's photo today came from her bedroom. Whether or not the room was at home or at NYU's dorms wasn't clarified – as fans are likely aware, Lola has kicked off the college phase of her life by enrolling at the prestigious university. Given the chic interiors, though, fans would likely rule out a dorm setting. The photo showed Lola in selfie mode with a made-up bed in the background. The brunette was looking sensational in a slinky and curve-hugging satin dress in pale gold shades, with the fabric appearing to flatter her curves just perfectly. Lola wasn't showing too much, with the dress itself covered by a cropped, light-colored sweater. Lola appeared with her long hair cascading down her back, with one hand placed on her middle and the other holding her smartphone.

A simple caption came in the form of Lola kissing summer goodbye: the season was mentioned with a breaking-heart emoji.

Given that Lola seems to have appeared in a similar outfit on her mother's feed, there's a possibility that the snap dates back to a little while ago when Lola was in a beach setting with her family. Then again, the teenager offered no context in the photo she uploaded only 13 hours ago. She got a comment from her mom telling her how stunning she looked – and plenty more from fans.Lola is, indeed, a rare breed when it comes to all things social media. While others of her age battle it out to keep their Instagram presence relevant and publicized, Lola bucks the trend. It took quite some persuading from mom Kelly to get the green light to post prom snaps of Lola earlier this year, although Lola is showing up a little more on the television personality's account. The star also appears to be treading new waters with her now-public social media.Lola has 43,000 Instagram followers. Fans wishing to see more of her should subscribe to her Instagram.