Lauren Duggar Shares Hilarious Video Of Husband Josiah Trying On Fake Baby Bump

Kim Brandow

Josiah and Lauren Duggar will be welcoming their baby girl sometime in November. They are gearing up to be a family of three soon and that means getting everything ready to go before the big event happens.

The Counting On couple has been sharing many photos and videos on social media of their journey throughout this second pregnancy. They lost their first baby, a boy, almost a year ago. It had been a difficult few months for them right after that tragedy, but things started looking up when they found out that they were expecting a baby girl a few months later. Now they are both getting excited to meet their little one. In preparation for the upcoming birth, Josiah and Lauren Duggar appear to be learning all that they can by taking a class. A funny video clip was shared on the couple's Instagram stories of Josiah trying on a fake baby bump and he got plenty of laughs doing it.

Duggar fans know what a keen sense of humor that Josiah has. He is seen standing in front of a group of other couples trying his best to strap on a full baby belly to see what it feels like to lug around a huge baby bump. At one point, he leans forward with it on and almost loses his balance. Lauren is busy filming the whole thing, but you can hear her giggle throughout, as well as the other ladies watching.

Lauren also included a note with the clip saying, "I wish I had him drop something on the floor so he could feel my pain!"

There are quite a few Duggar babies coming along around the same time as Lauren's. Kendra and Anna join the fall baby club, but Abbie Duggar will be waiting a bit longer as she's due sometime this winter. Cousin Amy will be the first of the Duggar women to have her baby. She is due on October 9 and is already having contractions. According to her Instagram, she is resting at home until the real thing happens. She is the only one out of the brood of pregnant Duggar women who is expecting a boy.

There will be more of these special moments, including Lauren Duggar's first few months of her pregnancy, on the new season of TLC's Counting On coming up on October 15.