Microsoft Offers Students Three Month Trial Of ‘Office 365 University’

Microsoft is offering a free trial of Office 365 University to students for three months.

As an incentive to gain interest for their productivity software, Microsoft is offering students a three month trial of Office 365 University. Students get three months free use of the software by registering a qualifying .edu email address. This also includes an extra 20GB of space for Microsoft’s SkyDrive online storage.

But wait, there’s more. Students who share the offer on Facebook will get an additional three free months of Office 365 University. In all, if the student does everything right, he or she can get up to six months of free access to Microsoft’s newest productivity software.

A license for Office 365 University, Microsoft’s software aimed for college students and teachers, will normally run $79.99 for four years. The license is only good for up to two PCs or Macs, so no file-sharing allowed. The software also comes bundled with 60 minutes of free calls on Skype, Microsoft’s long-running instant messaging software with such features as video calling and screen sharing.

Of course, thrifty individuals will only use their Skype software to call toll-free numbers in case their regular phone service mysteriously stops working or gets shut off.

Microsoft originally limited their office software to one device, with limits in place to transfer it to a new laptop or PC, but Office 365 University was designed with the knowledge that sometimes you have to share the software between two devices. This is probably where the elusive Briefcase comes in handy as well.

Last week, Microsoft eased the license restrictions on Office 2013, mirroring their efforts with Office 365 University. This could easily eliminate Microsoft’s product output problems and make the general school-going public think twice about using

What do you think about Microsoft offering a free trial of Office 365 University?