Christina Aguilera Suffers Wardrobe Malfunction In Low-Cut Dress During Las Vegas Performance

Christina Aguilera bared her soul to fans during a performance in Las Vegas this weekend, but it was the singer's dress that ended up baring a little too much.

As Daily Mail noted, the singer suffered a wardrobe malfunction onstage at Planet Hollywood on Friday, accidentally slipping out of a low-cut dress and revealing silver nipple pasties. The report added that Christina's slip came during an especially passionate performance in a show filled with wardrobe changes.

"The 'Genie in a Bottle' singer wore a number of different outfits for her outer space-themed show The Xperience, but the dress responsible for the wardrobe malfunction was a flowy blue number that featured a tight zippered corset," the report noted.

Christina has already gotten some press for her other racy looks from the Las Vegas show, including a low-cut white costume that she shared across social media in announcing her return to Las Vegas. The pictures have been a bit of viral marketing as well, drawing attention to her new gig in Las Vegas as they caught the attention of the celebrity news circuit.

The picture of Christina Aguilera's wardrobe malfunction, published in Daily Mail, also got plenty of attention in the celebrity news world and across social media, though it wasn't actually all that revealing. Unlike other stars who have been left fully exposed when their wardrobe gives way, the singer's pasties kept her covered up and the slip itself didn't appear to be that long.

The incident may only help bring more attention to the singer's most recent venture. Aguilera has joined fellow stars Britney Spears and Gwen Stefani in establishing residency in Las Vegas, and her show, "The Xperience," has garnered some critical acclaim. As Billboard noted in a report earlier this year, Aguilera's edgy costume changes were one of the highlights of the show as she dazzled onstage in a series of flattering dresses and other revealing outfits.

Aguilera recently opened up about her look, saying she tries not to worry too much about whether people find it too sexy.

"I've always been one to try and open up a conversation, even if I'm criticized for it -- 'Dirrty' being one of those times, with the chaps and sexuality," she told Billboard. "I was owning my power; I was tired of older men telling me how I needed to be, what I needed to wear. You know, 'Is this OK? Is this PC?' 'Oh sexy, but not too sexy!'"