'Miss Iron Bum' Bakhar Nabieva Gives Fans A Glimpse Of Her Namesake In Revealing Photo

Fitness model Bakhar Nabieva has earned herself the nickname "Miss Iron Bum," and now she's showing fans exactly why she's got that moniker.

The Azerbaijan-born model took to Instagram this weekend to share a picture of herself stretching out before a workout, showing off her eye-popping leg muscles and rock-hard backside. The picture was a big hit with the model's 2.6 million followers, prompting tens of thousands of likes and all manner of compliments about her chiseled physique.

"YOURE SUCH AN INSPIRATION," one person wrote.

"Dope shot," another added.

Nabieva has become one of the most popular fitness models on Instagram thanks in large part to her penchant for sharing revealing images of herself. Her feed is a mix of pictures and videos from the gym, some sharing her intensive workouts and others of Bakhar lounging in revealing bikinis and fitness gear, showing the fruits of her labor.

Bakhar has also gained attention far beyond the confines of the social media site, with regular features in bodybuilding magazines and fitness websites. In a recent profile from the bodybuilding news outlet Generation Iron, Nabieva said that while she works hard to maintain her famously fit physique, she has no desire to move into the realm of competitive bodybuilding.

"Currently I have no interest in competing," she shared. "I have been competing in the category [of] bikini fitness, but really have no interest. You have to be a very restricted diet, no carbohydrates -- the training does not yield when you have no energy. I do not want to expose myself to such torture, perhaps in the future."

Nabieva also revealed that she was not always so fit. In an interview with Daily Mail, the model said that she was a very skinny child and was even made fun of by her classmates for her small frame. That left her motivated to change the situation.

"I was tired of people looking at me," she shared. "I started going to the gym, and had no idea how to build an exercise routine correctly so I just started working on the physical part, and one day I woke up and looked in the mirror and I saw some muscles."

Nabieva said she was hooked from there, and eventually moved into bodybuilding. The results have been incredible, with Bakhar showing off her washboard abs and well-sculpted legs and backside in frequent posts on social media.

Those who want to see more from Bakhar Nabieva can check out her Instagram page.