'General Hospital' Spoilers: Sonny & Carly's Baby Arrives, But A Crisis May Change Everything

It's going to be a scary week for Sonny and Carly Corinthos on General Hospital as Carly has gone into early labor. On Friday, she started having contractions and Jason took her to GH while they waited for Sonny to get there. Now they are both fearful of what the future may hold for the newest member of their family.

Soap Central previews that Sonny and Carly will be praying for a miracle. That seems to suggest that something happens after the birth of their child that puts him or her in danger. Viewers already know that baby Corinthos has spina bifida and will need immediate medical attention because of it. The doctors were somewhat optimistic that surgery may be able to help, but it looks like there will be complications right away after the birth. At least the spoilers say that Carly will make it through the c-section okay.

Before the surgery, the print edition of Soap Opera Digest indicates that Sonny will go through a moment of fear of losing not only the baby but his wife as well. Once Carly makes it through, the couple will wait together to see if their little boy or girl pulls through the crisis that happens soon after the delivery.

Next week will be full of worry and waiting to see what happens next, but Carly and Sonny aren't alone. They will have their family and friends to surround them with their love and support. Joss and Michael will be anxiously waiting for their sibling to be born. Even Jax will be there for Carly as he lends his support for her and the baby.

However, not many people know that there is a problem with the baby or that there is a possibility that it may not make it through the delivery or after. It will certainly be a shock when the family finds out that Sonny and Carly have known for a while about the baby having spina bifida and didn't tell them.

While they are waiting, Josslyn and Michael will catch up a bit. Michael's sister will be filling him in on the unexpected person that she ran into at the park. Won't he be surprised when he finds out it was Nelle. The Inquisitr had previously shared that Nelle and Joss will have a confrontation before she arrives at the hospital to see her mom. Fans will see what Nelle's reaction will be after Josslyn gets through taunting her about Michael's love life.

Will Sonny and Carly's baby survive this ordeal? Be sure to watch General Hospital weekdays on ABC to find out.